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April 18, 2002

Billy Andrade


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Billy, for joining us. Great round today, best career round here at Harbour Town, beautiful day, 64, 7-under par. Tell us about it.

BILLY ANDRADE: It's just such a breath of fresh air to come off of last week and get back at it. The one great thing about the Tour and playing golf every week is that everyone starts a new on Monday. And it's a fresh start and this place is just such a wonderful place to just relax/ and it fits in the schedule perfectly after a major. It's just a great place to be. I've always loved coming to Hilton Head, I've always loved playing Harbour Town. And to shoot a score like I did today, obviously I have no complaints. And it just seemed to get better as the day went on. It was a solid round of golf today, I didn't make any bogeys. I guess I made enough of them last week. And it was a pretty solid day today.

Q. Fairways and greens hit?

BILLY ANDRADE: I don't know. I'm not a big fairway and greens kind of guy. I guess when I come to a place like this, I focus in maybe better off the tee. And I'm not going to hit a lot of greens anyway, so I just think that if you're around, near the pin somewhere, around the green, to me that's like a green hit.

And I missed a few greens, and got them up-and-down fairly with ease. The third hole was my only hole I was in trouble off the tee and chipped out and got it up-and-down from about a hundred yards there. And that kind of kick started my round. And other than that, it was pretty solid and great to shoot an open at 64.

Q. Billy, if this is a fair question, tough week last week, good week this week. Is there a pattern to your career? Can you kind of tell -- tell us where your career is now and where you want to be next, where you've come from, where you are, and where you're going?

BILLY ANDRADE: I'd say my career has been a pretty good roller coaster ride. I've been all over the map, up-and-down. But I just think that every time I've -- I don't really care about -- I'm happy, my family is great. I've got two wonderful kids, a great wife .And I try hard when I play.

It just so happens that sometimes I really stink, and sometimes I'm pretty good. And when I get on a roll and I'm good, I just kind of go with it. And I think my consistency has gotten -- I've had years where I've been consistent and years where I've been very up-and-down, one week -- maybe that's my personality, maybe I'm a little wild that way, I don't know. But right now I would say that I started the year off pretty slow. I wasn't ready to start the year. I felt like my year started in LA. I played okay in LA, I lost a tough match at match play in the first round with Furyk. I missed the cut at Doral, and then all of a sudden I almost win Honda. I played pretty well at Bay Hill, and almost win THE PLAYERS Championship, and I missed the cut at The Masters. It's kind of the way my whole career has been going. But I can't explain it.

Q. Can you determine anything that kicks in or out?

BILLY ANDRADE: No, I've never been a great driver of the ball. And when you're all over the map, you're fighting your swing a lot of times. But I've worked with Billy Harmon, and he's helped me quite a bit. And the quality of my game has improved greatly. Last year I had a pretty solid year for not winning, and winning late in the fall the year before, and then -- so I feel that I'm close to doing it again.

I made a bomb on 4, probably the longest putt I made in a long time. 3 I made a 15-footer for par, that started the round.

And 4 I hit a 6-iron out to the right, because it was a real suck-up pin. The pin is almost to the water left. And I made about a 40-footer there.

I 2-putted the next hole for birdie, hit a 3-iron 20 feet. And then a bunch of pars.

12 I hit an 8-iron about 15 feet.

13 I hit a 9-iron about five feet.

14 I hit an 8-iron about 25 feet.

15 I hit a sand wedge about 3 feet.

And 18 I hit a 9-iron about 20 feet. I made some nice putts on the back nine.

End of FastScripts....

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