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March 8, 2007

Dominique Coleman

Ricardo Patton

Richard Roby


COACH RICARDO PATTON: I was really proud of our young men. Came out and did battle. We got down early in the game but stayed the course and had our chances. The free throw shooting certainly hurt us, of course them attempting 44 and us attempting 22, even the ones we got didn't do a good job of capitalizing and making those free throws.
Give Tech credit, they played extremely well and just kept us on our heels most of the day. But, again, our guys, I thought for their first tournament experience, eight of those guys did a terrific job.

Q. Rich, is there a sense of relief or a sense of a weight being lifted off your shoulders now that the season is done and you guys can look to the future?
RICHARD ROBY: I wouldn't say that. The weight it going to be there next year. Just have to go out in this off season and work really hard and get back to playing great basketball and get ready for a great season next year.

Q. What did you guys think of how Zeno played today, the Red Raiders?
RICHARD ROBY: He did pretty good. He got to the free throw line a lot, 28 points. Always a good night.

Q. Dominique, can you talk about your emotions playing your last game and what's next for you?
COACH RICARDO PATTON: Good answer, good answer.

Q. Can both you guys talk about playing for Coach and what he has meant to you guys going through today?
DOMINIQUE COLEMAN: He's hard on us but he's hard on us to try to bring out the best of us. I think he has a good job with us. He knows what our strengths and what our weakness is and he coaches us to be in this game. If we convert on free throws, the game is tied. If we limit turnovers, we win the game. That's what he preaches all season, free throws and turnover. If we capitalized there, we'd be sitting on the other side talking about a win.
RICHARD ROBY: It has been great playing for Coach. Gave me an opportunity to come here and play in the Big 12. I thank him for that and everything he has done for me and my family, and I just hope he gets a great job soon. I know he is going to do a great job wherever he is at.

Q. Richard, have you decided -- is this your last game at Colorado? And if not, how will the next coach -- will that persuade your decision?
RICHARD ROBY: I don't think it is my last game at Colorado. I think our athletic director will do a great job of bringing in another great coach. You know, I want to -- when I came here, my main goal was to go to a NCAA tournament. I haven't had a chance to do that yet, and I still have one more opportunity to do that next year. So I'm looking forward to whoever they bring in because I feel like I can play for any coach. So that's how I feel for that.

Q. Coach, how did Sean's number get entered incorrectly into the score book?
COACH RICARDO PATTON: You know, our score book had it in correctly. The game score book did not. We don't have a 42 and so I'm not quite sure how that number was printed on the program.
The problem was we signed off on it. One of my assistant coaches had signed off on the score book. But Andrew Green had it correct in his book. So I don't know how it actually happened.

Q. Coach, you have known for a while that the end was coming. How does it feel now that you finally reached the end at Colorado? What are your emotions now that you have reached the end of your tenure at Colorado?
COACH RICARDO PATTON: Right now, again, I have said all season long, I'm at peace with who I am. I am at peace with the job we've done. And I am at peace with moving on. It becomes another chapter in my life and I feel very fortunate to have coached in ultimately the best conference in America and to have walked the sidelines with some of the best coaches in the game.
So I feel nothing but admiration toward the University of Colorado and for the opportunity that it has afforded me. I look forward to the next chapter of my life, and that involves working at something.

Q. Coach, Coach Knight had some words for you after the ball game. Could you share what he told you afterwards?
COACH RICARDO PATTON: You know, he just talked about enjoying our relationship and if there was anything he could ever do for me, he would do that and has a great deal of respect for what we've done here.

Q. Coach, you guys were able to limit what Jarrius Jackson did offensively pretty well. But then Martin Zeno came up and picked up the slack. How tough is it to stop both those guys or limit them?
COACH RICARDO PATTON: It is very difficult. Particularly when guys, you know, are really able to attack the middle of your defense and get to the foul line. That's where we weren't able to play defense, is at the free throw line. But I thought our guys did a pretty decent job when we were changing defenses, going from different zones and some man-to-man. I thought our kids battled nicely.

Q. Ricardo, the matchup tomorrow between Tech and K-State. You have seen both of them. You have also been in a position of having a record of 10-6 -- winning record in the conference and not going to the tournament. Your thoughts and if you think Kansas State is in?
COACH RICARDO PATTON: I think it will be an excellent ball game. Two teams that know how to play. Two teams that have marquee guys that they can count on night in and night out. I will be curious to see the final free throw tally for both teams and see what that outcome is about.

Q. Coach, I know you say you want to work at something. Do you have any plans for immediate future? Or what you might look into doing? Do you want to relax or work more?
COACH RICARDO PATTON: No, I'm a working stiff. I got to work. (Smiling) if you go down to Wendy's and you hear a familiar voice saying "can I take your order", it may just be me (smiling). I got to work. That's the only thing I know how to do.

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