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March 4, 2007

Mark Wilson


CHRIS REIMER: Mark, again, just start by talking about your day today and what it was like out there.
MARK WILSON: Started out really good. Felt in control, and then I know I got a little quick. My golf swing felt a little out of sorts. Hit some bad shots coming in, but the putter bailed me out. So, I live to see another day.
CHRIS REIMER: Talk about the putt there on the playoff hole to stay in it.
MARK WILSON: First of all, I just really was not ready to hit that tee shot and just hung on for dear life. Hit a horrible tee shot and wedged it out, 6-iron up there, hit a bad wedge on the green.
Once again, the putter is a huge savior. I got a good read off Camilo, seeing that it's going to break just a little bit to the right. I had nothing to lose. You know, I was going to make sure it got there. I had perfect speed and broke right in.

Q. You seem like you dodged a couple bullets or however you want to put it. Can you just talk about that?
MARK WILSON: I feel very fortunate. A guy like myself, though, it's kind of fun to be trying to win tomorrow, but it's cool to -- worst I can do is second. Starting out today, I didn't know how I was going to perform. It was my first time taking a lead into a final round. Love to win, but worst I can do tomorrow is second, so that's not too bad, either.

Q. Obviously there's a lot of golf to be played yet, but can you maybe touch on what a win would mean for you personally?
MARK WILSON: Yeah, I tried to stay away from it, but it's unbelievable what it means now that I've been out here for five years. Then you're out here for life no matter what; playing in the Mercedes to start the year out; getting into so many different tournaments; I'd have a good chance to get into the Masters, all kinds of stuff.
It would mean a lot, but I've still got to just keep it on the target, which I didn't do a great job of on the tee, but I did a good job on the green.

Q. What about 16, too, what was your frame of mind going there, were you a little down, did it pick you up?
MARK WILSON: It did pick me up, yeah, because I just 3-putted 15 and actually thought I hit a good lag putt that just kind of ran out on me.
Got up to the tee and made what I felt was a pretty quick swing, snapper-hooker over to the left. Just a bad lie. I thought because I hit it so far left, it would be in the trampled grass, but it was in a bad lie. I made a good choice to lay up, but then pulled a 7-iron. My caddie kept hitting me in the butt saying, "Come on, you can do this, keep your head up." Just picked out a spot and it happened to catch the bottom right of the hole.

Q. What goes through your mind when Boo misses that putt on 18?
MARK WILSON: Feel bad for him, no doubt, because we've all dreamed about being there. I want to be there starting the day to have a putt like that to win, and I feel bad for him. But then I had to kind of recollect my thoughts and realize that it gives me another opportunity.

Q. Your reaction, it looked like you got hit in the stomach; it hit pretty hard, the miss?
MARK WILSON: Yeah, it was pretty surprising because he rolled in such a great birdie putt on 17. Thought he had it under control, and I'm sure he hit that wedge shot exactly where he was trying to hit it. Just to play safe and figured he could 2-putt no, problem, especially after seeing me hit it over the green. So, I didn't have much of a chance of making birdie.
Yeah, I was shocked, and you know it was kind of weird, it was my first playoff on TOUR. I know it's all TV-based, so it's like, sign your card, get on the card and go. I will say, I didn't feel ready to hit that tee shot on 18. Although I'm sure everyone felt the same way. They just kind of race you out there; let's try to beat the dark.

Q. Talking about the putter being your savior, how long has that been in your bag?
MARK WILSON: It's a Ping Anser, and I've used a Ping Anser since I was 12 years old. That particular model I've probably been using probably two years now.

Q. Was it almost like going back to your youth when you have three or four guys playing until darkness and everybody hits when they can?
MARK WILSON: That's what it felt like, a practice round. It felt like it's Tuesday night, trying to squeeze it in. We're all on the 18 tee, let's jump up there, see if we can get in and go have a nice dinner. But a lot bigger stakes.

Q. Are you a good putter, is that a strength of your game?
MARK WILSON: No doubt, yeah. It's the thing that keeps me alive usually. I feel like I drive it straight usually. I didn't do a very good job of that today. Probably hit half the fairways. Normally that's a strong suit, too, but the putter was definitely probably my best club.

Q. Talk about starting on No. 10 tomorrow. Do you feel any player has an advantage with the length on that hole?
MARK WILSON: Not really. Trying to think, it depends on what the winds is doing but we're teeing off at 8:30, so it's not like it's been wet at all. So I think it's just a matter of getting the right line; you have to go over that bunker the right amount.
Certainly, you know, probably me and Jose are probably the shortest hitters, but we'll all be able to go in there with either a long iron or mid-iron if we hit a good drive.

Q. How do you figure you'll sleep tonight, especially being that you're the guy that maybe could have fallen out at the end.
MARK WILSON: I'll sleep a lot better tonight than I did yesterday, that's for sure.
CHRIS REIMER: Thank you.

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