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March 4, 2007

Oliver Wilson


Q. That's two play-offs, but it was out of your hands at the end there?
OLIVER WILSON: He did well. I had my chances and didn't take them. It was easy from the middle of the fairway both in regulation play and in the play-off and didn't get the ball within 20 feet. That was disappointing. I hit a great putt in the play-off but probably gave myself too much to do with Richard and Anton well inside me.
The last time I was in a play-off against Paul Casey in China, I didn't do myself justice in the last round and made some mistakes. I felt more comfortable this time and mentally I did everything I could. So from that perspective I am quite happy, although obviously disappointed with the final outcome.

Q. You went head-to-head with Richard and didn't give an inch?
OLIVER WILSON: I struggled with my swing early on but I kept doing what I was doing and it got better towards the end and I knew when I got up and down at 17 I was right in there. I hit a great shot off the 18th tee and you will take it at that stage. I felt good at 17 and 18. I knew what I was doing. Knew where I was trying to put the ball.

Q. From your demeanor, you are clearly pleased with your overall performance?
OLIVER WILSON: Yes, I hope it won't belong before I am back in this sort of position. We will get there!

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