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March 3, 2007

Anton Haig


Q. How do you feel after a round like that?
ANTON HAIG: Well I didn't play as well as I did yesterday. Hit the ball solidly today, hit a couple of poor tee shots today which hurt me a little. Got a bit unlucky on 11, didn't hit a bad drive, two meters from the fairway and it just plugged and I couldn't get it out and made a stupid drop on a par five which for me is unacceptable. I'm happy with my performance. I'm still up there, two shots behind and I still have a chance tomorrow. Haven't kept it too far away. Hopefully tomorrow I can do what I did today and hole a few more putts.

Q. It sounds like 11 is playing on your mind?
ANTON HAIG: It is. I hate making bogeys on par fives. With my length I should be making birdies on all of them. But I'm happy with my performance and see how we go tomorrow.

Q. But you did birdie straight back on 12?
ANTON HAIG: Yeah, but made a silly par on 13. Drove it to the front of the green and hit a poor chip shot and ended up with a par. I'm really hitting the ball well so I have a chance.

Q. You weren't sure what you'd expect from the weekend, so how was it?
ANTON HAIG: I've played with Oliver before. Nice guy. We've played together before and we were relaxed and playing our hearts out. Tomorrow I will play with Richard Lee whom I know on the Asian Tour so it should be another relaxed day. There won't be too much adrenaline going through me so I should be okay. I'm going to be positive out there and give it my all.

Q. Richard Sterne is in storming form?
ANTON HAIG: I know, a fellow competitor, I wish him the best. Don't know what he did after the first round but I'm going to find out tonight.

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