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March 2, 2007

Theresa Grentz


THE MODERATOR: Theresa, give us your thoughts to open up.
COACH THERESA GRENTZ: You know, the 11-0 run really hurt us, really hurt us from the beginning. We came back, we fought back at the end of the half, came back a couple times, got it to within four, and we just could never get over that hump.
THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Were they tight or tentative early on?
COACH THERESA GRENTZ: For the love of me, I don't have that answer. You know, you look at the numbers here, it's probably as poor as we've shot all year, 7-of-30 in the second half, and even in the first half there were a number of little chippies that hit on the front of that rim that they go in, you go on another run. Just didn't happen for whatever the reason.
We came back at the end of the half, they had the ball with 30-some seconds, we end up getting it back, stealing, scoring, come back again, hit a three, score five points in 17 seconds and yet struggle in a 20-minute period, so I don't have an answer for you with that.
Yeah, it's a shame because it's an opportunity. It was a golden, golden opportunity.
You have to think about it, they're all underclassmen. You've got three sophomores -- well, actually two sophomores, two freshmen and a junior. Did it get to them? I don't know, I hope not. But you've got to give Penn State credit. They hit the shots. Get them down there, hit them in the first half, and you've got to give O'Rourke credit, that kid came out and hit them in the second half. I thought Brown played a senior game. She was 19 and 18. That's pretty darned good.

Q. You talked about the missed shots inside. Roughly by my count you missed 16 shots inside five feet. Was that their defense or the offense not working quite right?
COACH THERESA GRENTZ: I think it's probably a combination of both, but I thought they were good looks. They were short -- almost looked like alligator arms. They were just short arms.
It became contagious after a while. One led to another miss. That's why I said to them, I said, "Relax, they're good looks, they're going to go in, you're going to get them; they're playing defense the way we want them to do that, just knock the shot down." We just couldn't do it.

Q. Your thoughts on how they defended Lori (Bjork)?
COACH THERESA GRENTZ: I thought they did a great job. This is where I want to be able to move her to the two. It's a perfect opportunity to slide back in. I thought Beck (Rebecca Harris) was where she needs to be, but I'm hearing that they don't have confidence in Beck at the point. I have confidence in her, slide her over there. There's going to be situations, people are going to do that.

Q. You used Steph (Chelleen) a lot early. Were you looking for a combination or an answer to get it going?
COACH THERESA GRENTZ: I go back to Michigan State, we did the same thing, subbed early, because I didn't think we were kicking where we needed to be. I thought the bench came in, did some things, tried to do it again, I thought we got some good bench play from that. How long you can go with that bench, then come back with your starters. Will they knock it down, or is there enough pressure that they don't realize that the starters are looking for somebody else to take the pressure off of them?

Q. Will you have some hope on selection day?
COACH THERESA GRENTZ: Always hope, always hope. But it's living dangerously, extremely dangerously. We lost the last regular season game, and we lost this one. Probably not a good situation, but we'll see.

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