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March 1, 2007

Brad Kennedy


CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: Brad, well played, a nice little 65 there to get your tournament going. Just tell us about your good day.
BRAD KENNEDY: Yeah, it was -- yeah, to start off, I had a great start, chipping in on the first for birdie and hit a great 4-iron to two feet on the second. Yeah, things just started to obviously just ease my way through the round after that. Hit a lot of fairways.
Yeah, turned 3-under, birdied the 9th and had a good run through 11, 12, 13, birdies there. Then I made 4 on 14, the par 3 and then birdied 15 and 17.
So it was -- yeah, it was a very satisfying round after sort of not the greatest of starts to the year.
CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: I gather you've been putting in a bit of work back home since the Malaysian Open?
BRAD KENNEDY: Yeah, Qatar and Malaysia, I didn't play all that bad. It was just struggling to get the score going through my putting. Obviously just not quite hitting the ball close enough.
So went home, pulled out of Malaysia, obviously with the flooding and went home. Got stuck in the gym again and had a good couple of weeks off with my coach and worked a lot on my balance through the ball. Yeah, it seems to be sort of -- I've got a good key to work on.
CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: Some of the guys were saying this week that the tough has been pretty tough, but the 65 doesn't show quite how tough it is.
BRAD KENNEDY: Yeah, the first hole -- when I played on Tuesday, just looking at some of the greens, it was tough to find where the pins were going to be. And you've got to -- I think it's a ball-striker's course, definitely, because you've got to leave it on the right side of the pin. Otherwise you're going to have some tough up-and-downs and some very quick putts.

Q. How far was the chip-in at the first?
BRAD KENNEDY: It was pin-high right, so it was only just off the edge. Probably 12-foot from the green or 12-foot from the pin.

Q. Who are you working with back in Queensland?
BRAD KENNEDY: Ian Triggs. Yeah, I've been working with Ian for probably about nine years now. Yeah, we've been working on a lot of good things over the years and just seemed to -- just came back from the start of the year, just wasn't happy with the way I was hitting it. We just found a couple of keys through my swing and been able to get home and do the training I need to do and feel sort of ready to play these next four weeks in a row now.

Q. He does a lot of work with Karrie; any similarities in what he's managed to sort of achieve with Webb and what you would like to achieve with yourself?
BRAD KENNEDY: Definitely, Karrie has won a lot of golf tournaments. I think the way he goes about his teaching, individually, he doesn't create his own ideal golf swing. He works with your strengths.
My ball-striking has come a long way in the last couple of years. My short game has always been my strength and obviously that's what gets you in contention. But starting off the year, it's been a little bit disappointing, my short game and obviously that then hurts what you're going to shoot through the day.

Q. Do you ever get from your coach, "Karrie does this" or "Karrie does that" or not?
BRAD KENNEDY: Not really. We don't really see a lot of each other when we're at home. Obviously Karrie lives in America. You always ask different things on what is working and what is not. Obviously Karrie is in a great success pattern now where she's just holing a lot of putts, and generally the best putter each week will win the tournament.
I'm not sure what I had today but it wasn't many. So it's nice to finally roll some -- not only some short putts. I hit a lot of short irons close, as well. But I rolled in a couple of nice 20-footers as well so, nice to get that feeling, to get that confidence, not putting pressure on your game on the green when you sort of feel like you can hole putts from anywhere.

Q. When is the last time you felt so good about yourself after a round of golf like that?
BRAD KENNEDY: Probably the last time I felt like I had control of the golf ball like I thought I had today, I didn't hit too many -- too many rough shots. Sort of when I played the Singapore Open last year, it was very, very similar.
This golf course, you've really got to think your way through the course. It's not a long hitter's course by any means. So if you hit the fairways, you're always going to have mid-irons in, and the par 5s are reachable if you hit the fairways. So there's plenty -- I'm sure 7-under may not stay there for the rest of the day.
CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: Brad, thanks very much and all the best for the rest of the week.

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