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February 23, 2007

Angela Park


PAM WARNER: Thank you for coming in and joining us. You only got to play nine holes today after the rain delay, didn't get to start until after the rain delay, just talk about your mind-set going into the round after having to wait.
ANGELA PARK: I don't know, I've played a lot of tournaments where there was rain delays and I always tended to do bad after the rain delay. So I try to focus myself for and concentrate on golf and not think about, "Oh, there's a rain delay, oh my gosh, like what's going to happen with the course." Because that's what I usually did, so I've learned from my past experiences, which is good.
PAM WARNER: You have nine more holes to play in the second round, but you're one shot off the lead. Just talk about that?
ANGELA PARK: I'm really trying not to think about that right now. Obviously this is a brand new thing to me. I've never been in this position. But, I mean, I can't really control she does; I can only control what I do. So I'm not going to really focus on 10-under or 11-under. I'm just going to go out there and every shot try my best. That's all I can really do.
PAM WARNER: Can we go over the three birdies you did have?
ANGELA PARK: 13, was a one-footer. 14, four feet. And 15 probably like 25 feet.
PAM WARNER: What did you hit to the green on 13 and 14?
ANGELA PARK: 13, I hit lob-wedge. 14, I hit pitching wedge. And then 15, I hit pitching wedge.

Q. How was the weather after you came back out, was it a little calmer?
ANGELA PARK: Yeah, it was definitely a lot calmer and I felt comfortable -- more comfortable in that situation. So I'm kind of glad that the rain went through and the wind calmed down.

Q. Were the greens a lot softer and more receptive?
ANGELA PARK: Definitely. Everything spun.

Q. Just curious what kind of reaction you got maybe from yesterday or last night from your opening round, did you have any friends back home call you?
ANGELA PARK: I got home and I had like eight missed calls and a lot of text messages, and people that usually never call me, called me. They are like, "Angela, congratulations."
I'm like, "The tournament's not over yet but thanks." (Laughter). It was nice to see that people actually cared and people actually watched me and how I was doing. So, yeah, thankful for that.

Q. Did you sleep well last night?
ANGELA PARK: I tried to. The beds are so comfortable, how can you not.

Q. When you resume play tomorrow, I know you try to birdie every hole, but do you go in with the mentality of trying put a little pressure?
ANGELA PARK: I don't know. I never really thought about that because I just got done with my round.
Tomorrow I'm just going to go out and just do what I did today, prepare myself really well. And if it gets windy, get ready for the windy day; and have that mentality, if it gets windy, then you play these kind of shots.
So just get ready and not be surprised by the conditions tomorrow. So, yeah.

Q. I think you're the youngest Tour member here, I believe, and you seem very mature out there. You don't seem shaken by the wind, the field, the players you saw on TV before; what is it about your maturity and how did you get to this point?
ANGELA PARK: Well, that's a good question. I'm actually reading this book, 'Golf is not a Perfect Game' by Bob Rotella (Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect). And it has helped me a lot this week, because I was reading this last night and I was on the section where it's like pressure and stuff like that, what I'm dealing with right now.
So it was the exact timing and the exact book I had to read. And I think whenever I'm on the course, I'm thinking what he wrote and what he said to think about on the course, which has helped me a lot. Yeah, thankful for Bob Rotella.

Q. Do you feel pressure at all?
ANGELA PARK: I did today for the first couple of holes, the first one or two holes, because I knew the leader was at 10-under. And I was four strokes back obviously and I knew I had to get a couple birdies in before it was sundown.
But after my first birdie, I was like, you know, this is just routine; this is just another round, don't freak out, don't worry about it. Just play around and you'll be fine.

Q. Are you surprised at all that this is -- early in your long career, LPGA career, and you're already fine with this success early?
ANGELA PARK: I'll tell you if it's successful after tomorrow. But up to this point, I am surprised. I'm really thankful that I've gotten this far. I mean, I always wanted to be here, so I don't really feel much of a, "Oh, my God, I feel so out of place." It's more like I expected this and I want this so bad; it's treating me really well right now.

Q. Can you elaborate a little bit more on what you're thinking that Bob Rotella wrote, like specifically?
ANGELA PARK: Because before when I played LPGA events or when I was doing well, I always look at the score board and see, what are the people doing or where am I at.
But today it was more like, let's just focus on what I have to do and how I have to execute my shots, and not worry about the rest of the field or what everyone else is doing. Because I cannot control them; I can only control myself.
So I just went out there and always trying to imagine my shot before I hit, which I never did before surprisingly. And if I felt uncomfortable on the ball, I would usually hit it and probably miss the putt. But now I back away, you know, take my time. It's more of a learning process obviously because all of the other professionals or the successful players do what I'm learning to do right now.

Q. Is there a section in the book on rain delays?
ANGELA PARK: Yes, there was, actually.

Q. What does it say?
ANGELA PARK: Did you read the book? There was an LPGA player -- I can't think of the book, I'm sorry, Val, that played, and she had a rain delay during the tournament. It talks about how she didn't get so caught up in that. And she just went through, over her round in her mind, which I did today before the round. So it really helped me a lot. I expected it to be the way it was today out there, so it was nice.

Q. Is Angela your actual name or do you have a Korean name?
ANGELA PARK: I have a Korean name but I go by Angela.

Q. What's your Korean name -- inaudible?
ANGELA PARK: Oh, you have to ask my mom that. My Korean name is Hye Ain (ph), which supposedly means, I'm not quite sure, my mom said it's like helping others or brighten up other people's days.

Q. How do you spell that?
ANGELA PARK: H-y-e, A-i-n. Or H-a-e, either one.

Q. Can you think of a tournament in the past that you had a rain delay and had to go out to the final round and play 27 holes or that you won or that you were in contention?

Q. You played 36-hole days in junior golf and amateur golf, what's the mentality like for that knowing tomorrow is going to be a marathon? What will your night be like tonight in preparation for that?
ANGELA PARK: Eat good, go home and exercise. I was actually glad because this week I actually ran a lot when I went home, and I always try to get myself prepared to have golf to be the easiest part of my day. So I don't want to be struggling on the course, so I go home and try to run as much as I can. So I think I got pretty much prepared for tomorrow.

Q. How far do you run?
ANGELA PARK: It depends on how I feel. I run on a treadmill which is easier than running outside, but usually around 25 minutes, 30 minutes.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ANGELA PARK: I had that necklace, too. I didn't buy it. I picked it.

Q. When is the last time you went into a final day this close?
ANGELA PARK: In an LPGA event?

Q. No, any time.
ANGELA PARK: Any time? I don't know -- oh, FUTURES Tour, I was leading by two and I ended up losing by one.

Q. When was that?
ANGELA PARK: This last year, it was in June 2006 -- no, no, May.

Q. Where was it?
ANGELA PARK: It was in El Paso, Texas. It should be on the Web site.

Q. Do you have any superstitions of what you do before the last day of a tournament?
ANGELA PARK: I used to, but not anymore. My mom said, "Don't believe in that kind of stuff because you believe in God."

Q. What ball do you use?
ANGELA PARK: Titleist Pro V1.

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