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February 23, 2007

Trevor Immelman


LAURA NEAL: Trevor, thanks for coming in. Great 2-1 victory over Ian today in really tough conditions. Want to talk about the match a little bit?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Well, it was really cold out there and couldn't have been more opposite from yesterday. The ball was flying a long way yesterday. First of all, in that cold and wind it was tough to catch one solid today, never mind have it go the correct distance.
But yeah, it was trying conditions out there. Neither of us had our best stuff. You know, it was even more challenging, but I was really happy to come through in the end.
LAURA NEAL: Questions?

Q. Was it so cold that it was affecting your game? You looked absolutely freezing out there on TV.
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Yeah, I'm definitely going to blame that (laughter). At least that will be good for my peace of mind.
You know, yesterday I played so well, best I've played all year, and I was so excited. Had a great warmup session this morning so I thought I was still on the same page. Played the first few holes nicely, and then things got a little loose out there and hit some squiggly shots and then missed some putts on top of that.
You know, I was really grinding hard just to stay in the match and keep my nose in front. I was real relieved when I holed the putt on 17. First putt I holed all day, so I was pretty excited.

Q. The last couple of days as you talked about the weather conditions, a lot easier to play match play, you hit the ball well. As far as playing your opponent today, any particular things that you tried to do when playing your opponent?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Well, I tried to have one less shot on every hole (laughter), but I seem to have a bit of a length advantage off the tee. I was trying to hit them straight, and it was pretty challenging today because I knew if I hit them straight then I'd have an advantage and have a shorter club into the green and maybe get that closer and hopefully roll a few putts in. So that was my game plan.
But, you know, it didn't quite work out that way. Neither of us played very well. You know, down 17 it helped me having a longer tee shot. I probably out drove him there by 50 yards and he couldn't get up to the green and I hit a 5-wood just through the back. I managed to take advantage of that by getting it up-and-down. I'm definitely all about playing the man, there's no doubt about that.

Q. Your opponent tomorrow has had a couple of good matches. He knocked off Phil Mickelson and then Howell today. How do you feel about tomorrow's match?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Well, I'm really excited. I know Justin very well. We've played a lot of golf together. We played a couple rounds together actually before going to LA down in Orlando, so he knows my game well and I know his game well. Obviously he's playing very well beating two of the hottest players in the last two days.
So, you know, I anticipate that I'm going to need to play better than what I did today -- I'm going to have to play a lot better and hopefully I can find something out on the range this afternoon and give him something to worry about.

Q. Any thought on how well the young guys have done here?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Yeah, I'm really excited about that. You know, I think with all due respect to the media, I think you guys have given us a hard time over the last couple years, maybe expecting us to win every major and every world golf event and every Tour event.
But, you know, my opinion is still that you can't buy experience and nothing takes the place of experience. You really need -- the only way you can improve is getting out there, playing tournament golf, learning the golf courses, learning how to play in front of massive crowds, and that's why I think it's taken some of us a little longer.
But, you know, it's always nice -- this week we're on a new course. Nobody knew the golf course, and some of the young guys have played really well. So, you know, I'm very excited about that.

Q. 17 holes out there today in those conditions was tough. I think the weather forecast isn't to get a lot better tomorrow. How would you fancy two rounds in that as opposed to one?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Well, I'd rather be playing than not playing (laughter), so I'm going to think about that.
But yeah, it was cold. But I've played a lot of golf in Europe on the European Tour and we've played in a lot worse conditions than what were out there today. So I know what it takes, and -- also the beauty about this competition is that you're just out there with that one guy.
We could be playing in the snow, it doesn't matter. We could tee off at any time and just go play. I think it's going to be fun. It definitely makes it more of a challenge. You know, the better player on the day should come through.

Q. What was the most challenging hole due to the weather condition today?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: That's a good question. You know, there's -- it's tough for me to single out one specific hole. I think the Tour has really challenged us with the pin positions this week. They've cut them on sides of slopes and just over slopes, and so that's always tricky.
And when it gets cold and the wind starts blowing, you know, sometimes you've got a 30-footer and you feel like you could almost putt it off the green.
You know, I would say my answer to that would be that any time you get around the greens, it was really challenging because you were really just not wanting to make any stupid mistakes and give any holes away.

Q. It had to be easier once you turned the corner and started coming downwind a little bit more. But then also a follow-up, any strategies for giving putts when you're in a match?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Well, you know, theoretically it should be easier when you turn around and come downwind. But like I said, you know, the pins have been cut so tight. When they start cutting them on the front of the greens and to the side of the greens, downwind is really tough to stop the ball close to the hole.
So it's just as challenging. Obviously you've just got less club going at it.
You know, I give anything normally under two, two and a half feet. I'll have to speak to Ian about making me putt a one and a half footer there on 16. I wasn't very happy with that. But the way I putted, he was probably right in making me putt it.
But yeah, it also depends how I'm doing. But I'll probably make a guy putt a two-footer to win the match, but other than that I'll give it to him.
LAURA NEAL: Thanks for coming in. Great job.

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