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February 23, 2007

Justin Rose


RODDY WILLIAMS: Justin, thanks very much, and great win over Charles Howell III there. That's an exciting day. Talk us through the stories. You got off to a flying start right on the front nine.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, very much so. I think the first six holes were probably playing very, very tough. Charles kind of gave me the first hole, I suppose, hit it left off the tee and conceded the hole to me. 5 was good enough there.
But then I hit 3-iron second shot -- I hit 4-iron to the second, 3-iron into the next hole, 3-iron into the next hole, so it was really playing long and difficult out there the first five or six holes.
I managed to play level par and got myself I think 3-up, and then I started making a few birdies around the turn where this course gives you some opportunities. I got him to 5-up and I made a pretty tough comeback for Charles, as well.

Q. You're looking forward to the weekend, I presume.
JUSTIN ROSE: Very much so. I've played this tournament twice before and lost first round, lost second round, so it's nice to advance and get into the final stages and make it through to the weekend. Yeah, definitely, very happy about that.

Q. Do you like the weather today?
JUSTIN ROSE: I didn't really like it, but I wasn't disappointed to see it. It's conditions that -- yeah, I mean, they're not so -- obviously not alien, especially growing up in the UK. You get many days like this, and the crowd was certainly making reference to it, "Hey, this is just like home."
But I think it made the match a completely different test to what it was yesterday. Yesterday was about the guy who was going to go out and make the most birdies, whereas today was going to be a lot more about who was going to keep their ball under control and make less mistakes.

Q. Does that suit you, that kind of golf?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, I think the way I'm playing now, I feel very comfortable with my game, so I felt confident about not making too many unforced errors, which is difficult to beat in match play in those conditions.

Q. There's a tough format anyway, but now you've got two matches tomorrow. How do you approach that?
JUSTIN ROSE: You try and win as much as you can in the morning, I suppose (laughing), try and limit the golf you play.
I think you just take it one game at a time again if you're fortunate enough to be playing in the afternoon. Make sure you have a good lunch and keep your energy levels up. Make sure you eat and drink well. Keep yourself hydrated and just have to maybe dig a little deeper in the afternoon.
But as for the morning, you just treat that game -- take care of that one first.

Q. Is that something you have to do often in your career?
JUSTIN ROSE: Not really. There's not many times as a pro you have to do that. I played the World Match Play at Wentworth, and that's 36 holes. That would probably be my only other -- in terms of match play. But we get pretty much a lot of rain delays and you get 28 holes, 30 holes you have to play some days. So it's not completely abnormal.

Q. Beat Phil, beat Charles, two of the hottest guys on Tour. Does your momentum kind of grow off of that, your confidence continue to build with big wins like that?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think so. It's certainly good for the confidence, as you say. I think I've been treating each day, though, as a separate challenge, really not looking at reputations or anything like that, just going out there and just playing as hard as I can, really, and that will continue to be my mindset throughout the week.
Obviously it's always nice to feel like you're seeded with your World Ranking, but it doesn't really mean much in this tournament. Everyone is capable.

Q. Nearly half of the 16 is like ages 30 and under. You're part of that. Is there something about match play that maybe the youth coming up, there's a different style of golf that is tailored for you guys to keep advancing?
JUSTIN ROSE: That's a good question. I mean, this week is quite prominently -- there's a lot of young players in the mix, but I think -- I don't really know why that is. But if I had to guess, I'd say some of the young players this week are particularly determined, which is a good quality to have for match play.

Q. And maybe also for you guys, is it a different attitude, once -- if you want to get Tiger at one point through this, is there a different attitude when you guys have been playing with him this whole time versus some of the older guys who just saw him come into the Tour?
JUSTIN ROSE: That's a good question, as well (smiling). I think everybody is beginning to get a little bit more comfortable around Tiger for sure. He's been out there a long time. I guess, what, nine years, ten years, whatever it is. So certainly for me he's always been around, so it's not anything new and unusual.
But yeah, obviously if you're facing him it's like what I was saying just then. It's a matter of trying to -- it's going to be much harder against Tiger than anybody else in the field, but it's a matter of really realizing that it's one round and anything is possible and just play as hard as you can.

Q. Is match play the best way or possibly the easiest way for a guy like you to make a name for yourself in the golf world?
JUSTIN ROSE: I'd say certainly when you play Mickelson and you play Charlie Howell obviously, guys who have a lot of following out there, a lot of support, people would maybe stand up and take notice if you're beating them.
So I think from that point of view, I think it has been good for maybe the general public's awareness of me for sure. I'd hope.

Q. We were sort of kidding at the Hope about the weather and saying you should be used to this, and you said you've played so long on the U.S. Tour now you're actually more -- and living in Florida more used to warm conditions. So this type of day doesn't really favor you any more than it did -- as it might have four or five years ago?
JUSTIN ROSE: I agree with that. To a certain extent I think my game has evolved and changed to adapt to playing here in the States pretty much. But I think you do learn a certain type of shot as a junior, as a kid growing up in some tough conditions.
You learn how to knock the ball down to keep it down to control your ball flight. That's something you almost never lose. But at the same time it's pretty easy to get into the routine of just hitting a pretty standard ball flight.

Q. Another form of match play is the Ryder Cup next year. I know you were keen to play Ryder Cup last time and it didn't quite work out. Is that something that's on your radar screen?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think this next Ryder Cup more than others is probably on my radar. I think the last two Ryder Cups I've had perceivable chances to play, but I haven't really been playing all that well to really feel like it's been a realistic target.
I've had other things to sort of take care of. But this next time round I'd certainly be making a -- you know, a concerted effort to make the team.

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