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February 23, 2007

John Cook


Q. Good start to the week?
JOHN COOK: I hit quality shots. I have a good feel for the greens here, the speed. They are in great shape. I don't think I've ever putted on greens like this. I hit some quality shots. I made two pretty good pars today after two poor drives. But other than that, I've hit it right where I wanted to and my distance control has been good. The wind has been blowing a little bit. I haven't made a lot of putts, but my pace has been good.

Q. Comments on the course?
JOHN COOK: Phenomenal. The golf course great. It's a great turf to play on. And like I said earlier, the greens are as good as anything we've ever putted on. The experience has been great. It's about time the TOUR itself has gone global other than the World Golf Championships. There are a lot of good players in the world besides the 50 that get into those. (This week) is great exposure for some of these young kids. It's good to be down here, I've gone to México a billion times but never here, so it's been a great week so far.

Q. Thoughts on the weekend?
JOHN COOK: For as little as I've been playing and for the starts that I will get this year, it's nice to stay competitive. I'm really looking to October 1, so I want to stay competitive. And on some golf courses, I have a chances and I can be competitive. There are a lot of courses that I don't (have a chance to be competitive) but I'm okay with that. But there are some that I can tee it up on Thursday and be a factor. This is one of them, I felt good about this golf course the first time I saw it, and I've felt good all week. There is only one goal for the weekend.

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