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February 23, 2007

Esteban Toledo


THE MODERATOR: Welcome, Esteban. Thanks for coming in for a couple of minutes. Two birdies today, two bogeys, tied for 14th. How about some opening comments on your round.
ESTEBAN TOLEDO: Well, I had a great start. No. 1, I hit it about 12 feet and made a birdie right away. Then I left it about a foot for birdie. Hit a lot of greens today. The fairways were perfect. The conditions were perfect today. I made a couple of 3-putts, and that was the key, made a lot of putts.
THE MODERATOR: Any major differences between the conditions yesterday and today?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO: The wind was a little bit lighter today. Picking up in the afternoon but I think guys later will go pretty low. The course is fair, greens are perfect, the fairways are perfect -- inaudible -- walking on the beach but I enjoyed myself. I had a great time today. I played with Jerry and great to play with him, so it was nice.

Q. Do you think that -- inaudible?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO: Playing in the morning? Yes and no. They are tough pins out there. They are right on the corner, four or five inches. Some of the holes were kind of easy like No. 2. But you've still got to hit some good shots and get the ball in the fairway.
There were tough pins coming in, like 16, 17, 18. They are not that easy. But No. 8, obviously one of the toughest par 4s, pulled it into the water left and made bogey.
But you've still got to play the game. Nothing out there is easy. It's what you see and you've got to play the way -- sometimes you've got to play kind of safe because if you go at the pin, it rolls and the pins are right on the edges. It was pretty tough in the morning.

Q. Would you talk about the experience of playing in México?
ESTEBAN TOLEDO: Well, yesterday I was a little tight the first four or five holes. It's a little pressure, but I've been on the road before. I played with Tiger a few times on Sunday, so it's an experience playing with the best players in the world and him.
I'm okay. I think I've already passed the toughest yesterday, the first four holes. But I feel fine. I should be fine. I think I've got the game and I've got the experience and it paid off the first two days. So look forward to playing on the weekend and shoot some good numbers.

Q. (About the first four holes.)
ESTEBAN TOLEDO: So I was playing with Jerry (Kelly), and playing in your country, the expectations are always high from you and always having to do well. I think like I said, I have the experience. I've been on the road before and I'm not afraid to shoot at the flag. That's what happened yesterday. I didn't make any bogeys.
Today I made a couple of bogeys, but I was on the fairway, on the green, on the fairway all day long. So I feel great. I feel confident.

Q. And the overall experience of playing here and having the course -- I was talking to you a few days ago and you were excited.
ESTEBAN TOLEDO: I like this golf course. I think this golf course is one of the nicest golf courses we play on the PGA TOUR. Pretty fair, long, and the fairways are great. The tournament is just fantastic. The sponsors, I mean, all of these people on the golf course, they put their time and I'm proud of that. I'm honored to represent them the best I can. And I think the tournament at the end on Sunday is going to be a very, very successful tournament.

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