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February 22, 2007

Cameron Beckman


Q. Nice run (Six birdies in seven holes on Nos. 5-8, Nos. 10-11)
CAMERON BECKMAN: Nice little four in a row, made a par, and then made two in a row. That was basically the whole day. Hit a lot of greens, it was a pretty easy round.

Q. Important to hit it in the fairway?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I actually hit it in a hazard on a par-5 and still made par. It was the only hiccup of the day off the tee. The other thing, if you hit the ball in the rough off the tee, it doesn't go anywhere. You've got to hit it in the fairway to get more roll.

Q. (On the day)
CAMERON BECKMAN: I hit some nice shots. Made four 10-footers in a row, and then two five-footers. I hit 15 greens, and got it up-and-down on the three I missed.

Q. What would make some solid play into some spectacular play?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I think a few more putts. I've been hitting a lot of greens this year. I think just an extra putt here or there each day would make a big difference. I would have made a lot more money this year. My focus this week has been to be real consistent solid - I didn't make any bogeys today and that is an indication of some consistent play.

Q. Sundays been hurting you?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I haven't played well on Sunday yet. I had a couple 2-overs on Sunday, Palm Springs (Bob Hope Chrysler Classic) was a brutal day. Last week (Nissan Open), I was right there and finished 22nd. Like I said, a few shots a day will make a big difference.

Q. (On the course today)
CAMERON BECKMAN: It played a little shorter today than it did in the practice rounds. It's a very playable golf course. You pretty much hit everything in your bag. You have to pay attention off the tees, but if you do, you can bang this golf course up a little bit.

Q. Course set-up?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Pins were in pretty mediocre places today, you could get at them. I didn't think I would shoot 6-under in the first round, but we'll see how it plays out over the final three days.

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