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February 22, 2007

David Toms


Q. Successful match, advancing. First talk to me about round two.
DAVID TOMS: I played very solid first 12 holes or so and struggled -- hit a couple bad shots the last few holes, but hung in there, made pars, and overall it was a good, solid day.

Q. A lot of long drivers of the golf ball have advanced. With you being the middle tier --
DAVID TOMS: Short tier (laughing).

Q. Are you going into the next couple rounds kind of knowing that you need to catch up once you've reached your second shot at all?
DAVID TOMS: Well, sometimes it's a good thing, because if you're hitting first into the green you're putting pressure on the guy. So I'm trying to look for a positive out of being a short hitter here.
But it's a good golf course. I've played well. I've putted well on the greens. I feel comfortable on them. There's no reason why I can't continue to play well. It just depends on what my opponent does.

Q. Tough match in the next round, as well?
DAVID TOMS: Yeah, if it's Furyk, he went to school here and obviously familiar with the area and probably a lot of fans behind him. He'll be tough.
And if it's Chad Campbell, who's one of the better players in the game today, tremendous ball striker -- they'll both be tough. But when you get to this point with the 16, obviously everybody is playing well to get to this point. They're all good players.
Everybody in this field was a good player. It's all about how I play, really. If I go out there and play great I'll have a chance.

Q. You love this match play, don't you? Past winner here?
DAVID TOMS: I like it. It's fun. It kind of keeps you in the moment, which is good. It's good for my game. If I can continue to hit solid shots, get my chances for birdies, keep pressure on my opponent, I'll be fine.

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