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February 22, 2007

Peter Lonard


Q. After one practice round in the Pro-Am yesterday, you played nicely today
PETER LONARD: It was a bit better than the 74 or 75 I shot yesterday (laughing). But yea, I played all right. This course, you have to hit a lot of fairways, obviously. On some holes, you are either hitting fairway or hazard, so driving the ball is important. I did a good job of keeping it in play, and hit a lot of pin-high flags. (The score) could have been better, I had a lot of chances, a lot of 20-footers that I didn't convert.

Q. Is course knowledge overrated?
PETER LONARD: Courses are so well mapped-out nowadays, and we all know exactly how far we hit the ball. So you can play well with little course knowledge. Some of the tournaments I have played best at I knew little about the course. When I won (2005 Verizon Heritage) at Hilton Head I didn't even have a practice round.

Q. (On Vaughn Taylor's 65)
PETER LONARD: He did it pretty easy. He drove it pretty good, kept it in the fairway. He could have shot better as well.

Q. (On the birdie putt that stopped on the lip at the 18th (No. 9))
PETER LONARD: I had a couple of putts like that today. Some of them, I knew were short but not that one. It got to the hole and stopped, almost rolled back. But that's the game, you make some and you miss some.

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