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February 21, 2007

Colin Montgomerie


Q. Happy to be staying?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: (Laughing) it's fantastic. Of course I'm delighted to be here. I didn't want to go home tomorrow. I've got a difficult game now, Paul Casey. He beat me at the World Match Play at Wentworth, but I'm playing better now, much better. I was seven birdies and a bogey out there today, so that's good. That would have beaten most people.
So yeah, I'm confident that if I can do something similar -- I'll need something similar because he's very good. A lot of them are right now, that's a problem. Competition has gotten better and I've sort of stuck.
But I look forward to the challenge of the whole thing tomorrow.

Q. You'll be hitting your second shots first.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: That's standard issue with me now, I'm afraid. I don't know, I used to be quite long, and now I think the competition is hitting the ball absolutely a mile. I mean, I played Johan Edfors today -- well, Roger Federer, really. It wasn't Edfors; he looks more like Roger Federer than Roger Federer does. He hits the ball miles.
But in match play it's not always an advantage. If I hit my iron shots the way I can and get in first within 10-foot, 12-foot, it does put the pressure on. And where they're putting the pins around here, God, I've never seen pins like that. They're right on the corners of the greens. It's built of sort of slopes if you like and they're right on the edges.
If I get my shots into 10-foot, 12-foot first and they feel they have to go for the pin, they can make mistakes, and that's what happened a couple of times with Johan today.
I enjoyed playing today. I was 7-under par -- well, seven birdies, one bogey, so 6-under for the day, and I had to play well because he's good. He's good, he just missed out on a Ryder Cup spot, so obviously he can play, and that's the standard of European golf.
I've got another European tomorrow in Paul Casey who beat me well last time we went around in World Match Play, so I hope for some kind of revenge. He's become a good friend, Paul. I've got a lot of admiration for him, a lot of respect for him. He's one for the future.

Q. Will there be no prisoners taken on the golf course tomorrow?

Q. Finally, how significant do you think it was for your experience in match play? You've played a lot of match play over the years.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Possibly. I don't know how much he's played in Sweden, but obviously not much on the Tour. I don't think he's been on the Seve Trophy team or the Ryder Cup team. But at the same time, they're tough games.
You know, he's longer than me and he putts better possibly. I just managed to control the ball better than him today through the green.

Q. Younger, too.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, younger. We know that.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow, really.

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