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February 20, 2007

Henrik Stenson


Q. What do you think of your first round opponent - Zach Johnson?
HENRIK STENSON: Gives me a chance to get pay back for the fourball match on the Saturday at The K Club where he beat me an Padraig. He is a good player, a fighter so that is going to be a tough match.

Q. Still happy with your game as your were tow weeks ago?
HENRIK STENSON: I have not played since but it feels alright. I haven't touched the clubs since that win.

Q. Just reflecting on the win then?
HENRIK STENSON: That was really nice to win your home tournament and have a break afterwards. You can sit back and enjoy it a bit more.

Q. Why the break?
HENRIK STENSON: I played 31 weeks last year without much of a break and I started this year with four tournaments so am trying to pace myself a little more this season. Take a couple of weeks here and then I am playing five weeks of the seven up to the Masters. Then three weeks off, playing four and then another two weeks off.

Q. Much experience of the desert?
HENRIK STENSON: Being in Dubai that is pretty much desert but very different to here. I have been out here before as an amateur. As part of the Swedish Amateur team we played a few tournaments in Phoenix in 1997 I think.

Q. How do you approach match play?
HENRIK STENSON: I think I try to play the course as well as I can and see where that takes you. It always has a tendency to be pretty tight and comes down to a couple of holes. Take it as it comes but the most important thing is to focus on your own game and not what your opponent does.

Q. Is there a tendency to play the man rather than the course?
HENRIK STENSON: There is always going to be situations which depend on the where the match is at and maybe where your opponent has hit it but in general you try and play the course.

Q. You have a good match play record?
HENRIK STENSON: I will try and keep it that way.

Q. And a good WGC record?
HENRIK STENSON: Absolutely but it is a very difficult week, especially if we have the wind blowing like this. But I don't think that will be to our disadvantage playing in tough conditions. Just go out and fight for as long as we go.

Q. Will you be talking to Zach about the K Club?
HENRIK STENSON: I just said to him that at least this time one of us would be getting through to the second round. He played great at the K Club in the fourball match. He is a tough competitor, never gives up and it is going to be a tough match.
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