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February 17, 2007

Dwyane Wade


Q. It looked like the first time around you were conserving your energy and the second time you went at it. Was that kind of your strategy?
DWAYNE WADE: Well, yeah, kind of same as last year. Kind of same as all the guys did in the first round. You have to feel it out; and the second time you make it to the Finals if you're lucky you turn it up just a little bit.

Q. Any significance going with you and Kobe head-to-head in the final round?
DWAYNE WADE: It was good. Everybody, you could tell the fans were excited about it. It was good, you know, for talk. Me and Kobe could be in the Finals. He did a great job the first time around.
I thought -- I didn't think my 26 was enough. The first time around he coasted and got 29. I lucked out on a couple of things and won.

Q. How does being the first ever back-to-back Skills Champion rank up next to being the NBA Championship?
DWAYNE WADE: The scale is tipping on that, but I'm excited, like you say, that I could be the first. And I'm sure there will be many, many after me. To be the first one to do it is really exciting. I'm just happy that -- more than anything it's a great competition. It's great fun and I'm looking forward to next year.

Q. Did you practice for this?

Q. Did you practice last year?
DWAYNE WADE: No. A lot of it is what I do in games, especially going around the defenders that you have out there, kind of do that in the game. It's kind of like second nature.
I got my money on Dick Bavetta.

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