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September 23, 2005

Jim Furyk

Davis Love III

Tiger Woods


DAVIS LOVE III: We played a lot better than the score indicated. They made a lot of putts. Every time we had a chance, they would make a putt. So we've just got to get off to a better start.

Q. You did make a little bit of run there on the back side. You got to 2 down?

DAVIS LOVE III: We kept thinking we were going to do it but when they birdied like every hole it was hard, hard to win any holes when they were birdieing them all. We got 2 down, didn't really play that bad and lipped out a bunch of putts, I had birdie putts all day and didn't make them.

Q. How are the ribs?

JIM FURYK: They are doing better. I had a lot of movement today and wasn't playing in any pain.

Q. 4 up with five to play and then all of a sudden the International Team makes a huge run.

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, we made two nice putts there and all of a sudden we have it coming down 15, Jimmy played his three best shots all day.

Q. You must be glad you played.

JIM FURYK: Oh, I'm very glad I played. This morning I felt, well, and I was doing okay. He actually needed all the treatment today. Tom LaFountain, the guy who was out with me all day yesterday, followed our group and worked on Tiger all day today.

Q. Tiger, the 0 for 6

TIGER WOODS: Probably not. Today we went out there and gelled very well as a team and made some nice birdies there and put a lot of pressure.

Q. Looked like it was comfortable but the Internationals came back well.

JIM FURYK: We expected that. They are great players and came back and made a good putt on 14, 15 and put a little pressure on us. I wanted to close it out and I wanted this match to be done before dark so we could get some sleep tonight but they had other plans.

Q. Will you take a rest?

JIM FURYK: I'll talk to the captain about that. I would say that's probably not in the cards but I'll talk to the captain and tell him how I'm feeling and we'll see from there.

Q. Tiger, you were receiving treatment; what's the situation with your back?

TIGER WOODS: I have a couple rib heads that are out and causing some spasm and pain, it's just a matter of keeping it pain free and loose where I can swing. Tom did an awesome job of getting me to where I could swing the golf club which was not exactly easy to do today.

End of FastScripts.

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