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February 16, 2007

Marc Iavaroni

Oscar Robertson


Q. If you could briefly comment about coaching in tonight's game.
MARC IAVARONI: Well, I think Oscar said it best coming out, he said, let's make sure we jump on them. And I think that pretty much told the story tonight. I think we got off to a great start, not only shooting the ball, it seemed like everything was going in early.
David Lee had a great presence around the basket. And I think they felt his energy and it relaxed our players. But also on the defensive end, I thought our guys really did a nice job in keeping the guy in front of them. And also saying, my teammate needs some help, and I need help, and someone will help me. And I thought we played really well together.

Q. Oscar, any comments on the experience this evening?
OSCAR ROBERTSON: I think what you saw today were stars of tomorrow. And I go back to a good friend of mine, who coached the Marquette, Al McGuire. He said you never should be guard poor. And we were not. If you have great guards like we had tonight, you're going to read about these people for years to come. And they're going to win basketball games.

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