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February 16, 2007

Chris Bosh


Q. Can you talk about the play of Andrea Bargnani?
CHRIS BOSH: He's been playing well. He kind of struggled early, which happens with rookies, but he's been working on his game. He works so hard every day.
The things that guys don't see every day is he's putting in the work. He's working on his jump shot, working on his post game. He's really helped us out. He's that guy who can spread the defense out, rebound for us, and give us some good minutes at the post spot.

Q. Are you completely comfortable as a Top-15 player in the league?
CHRIS BOSH: I think so. I don't know what the ranking is, but I'm pretty comfortable in my situation. I always know it's a challenge. I always know it's going to be pretty difficult, but that's what it's about. It's what I expected when I came into the league.
Just to be in my position, I'm proud of it and I have to make sure I put in the work necessary to keep it up.

Q. Does it hit home, though, that you're coming here as a starter in the All-Star Game, that you're one of the elite players in the league?
CHRIS BOSH: Yeah, it hit home. The starting thing, it still blows my mind when I think about it. My family, they're all excited. Everybody is really excited.
This one is a lot different -- this one is a lot different from last year.

Q. How has the success of the Raptors changed your All-Star Weekend?
CHRIS BOSH: Well, we won our last game and I just came in with a great attitude (laughter).

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