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February 16, 2007

Allen Iverson


Q. I've never known you not to be able to play through an injury. How bad is your ankle hurt?
ALLEN IVERSON: It's better, actually. I just want to make sure I was ready for the stretch run.
I think when I came back I came back too fast. I was too anxious just trying to get back to help my teammates and I set myself back a little bit.
For right after the break, I think I'll be ready to go.

Q. Do you think you'll be back for Tuesday's game?
ALLEN IVERSON: Yeah, I think I'll be back Tuesday. I'm going to try to practice Monday and see how it goes. If it doesn't bother me as much, then I'll try to go on Tuesday.

Q. Is it too soon, with you having this injury, and Carmelo coming back recently, to know whether this team has what it needs to have a good stretch run?
ALLEN IVERSON: We can be good. Even without me in the lineup the team has been playing well and I think with me in the lineup we'll be better. We have a good team and I think once everybody gets a chance to be on the floor at the same time and practice with each other we can be better and better.
I'm just happy about my situation and I'm just looking forward to finishing out the regular season.

Q. Do you look back at all and do you have any leftover feelings?
ALLEN IVERSON: No, I'm going forward. I just wish that organization well, especially my teammates, and I hope they can be successful. I just hope everything goes well for those guys, because I had relationships with them. I've been in the foxhole with those guys and I know how much they care about winning and trying to accomplish something. I know their struggles, I know their pains. I've been with them through ups and downs. I just want to see them do well.

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