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September 13, 2002

Billy Andrade


TODD BUDNICK: Welcome back Billy Andrade, second round 68 has him in the lead at 8 under par. Billy, the last two weeks you come up with your best the opening round back-to-back, it looks like things are getting into gear right now.

BILLY ANDRADE: Yes, I felt very comfortable today. It was a little nippy starting at 7:36 or whatever time I started, but the opening hole, hit a nice drive and got it on the green and 2 putted and made par there and ended up parring the first eight on the back. I had a couple of opportunities for birdies that I didn't make, but I just played pretty steady and birdied 18 to get to 1-under and shot a couple under on the front 9. So I'm very happy with 8-under so far. This is a very difficult golf course and, you know, the wind was trickier, I thought on the front 9. I mean, on my back 9 today, than it was starting out.

I'm very happy to be at 8 under after two rounds.

TODD BUDNICK: We'll take some questions.

Q. How different is this golf course from what you played two weeks, is it that much different?

BILLY ANDRADE: I think this golf course is tighter than -- it just seems tighter anyway, I mean, it is. You got some holes where you just can't miss it in certain spots so you have to be precise off the tee. We don't play much -- the new golf courses that are built today don't have this much slope in them and I think that's the difference probably than what we normally play week to week. We have some slope but not as severe as some of these greens are, I would say.

Q. Did I see right? Did you bogey a hole today?

BILLY ANDRADE: I did. I bogeyed 6. The wind felt like it was blowing left-to-right pretty hard and you don't want to obviously miss the fairway and overcooked -- I hit a 7-wood off the tee and hooked it a little too much just in the left rough. Chipped it out. I tried to chip in that right bunker which I did. I had a horrible lie and didn't get it up and down. So I bogeyed there. But I came right back and birdied 7 and 9 right there so it was nice to finish with a couple of birdies. I just want to until tomorrow, get ready to play tomorrow and try to get right in there and win this thing.

Q. What's happened in those two days?

BILLY ANDRADE: You know I'm obviously putting well. I'm making all of my short putts. I'm controlling my distance with my club selection. I'm not getting myself into too much trouble. I think, you know, I'm the bogey king. I can tell you how to make a bogey in a second. You can hit 2 really good shots and 3 putt. You can hit a terrible drive and have to slap it out and knock it on the green and 2 putt. There is a lot of ways of making bogeys, and I have made my share, believe me, so I'm very happy with where I stand.

Q. After a round like yesterday's round, what do you do? Go back to your hotel? Just sort of stay confident, stay loose, can you go out again and do it tomorrow?

BILLY ANDRADE: Well, I mean this is what you do for a living. I mean you play a good round of golf in the first round, it's not like you're going out doing cartwheels all night long because you played so great. That's what's so great about golf. You got to do it again the next day. This is my first rodeo. I have been playing for 15 years. I just -- I'm not feeling that well, so I'm just staying at the hotel and cooking dinner and on my own watching a little TV and going to bed. I'm not, you know -- I'm not big on big dinners for 20, you know, every night, and then getting ready to play the next day. I've been kind of been quiet the last couple of weeks and I like the way it's going so fair.

Q. Did you say you're not feeling well?

BILLY ANDRADE: Yes, I'm not feeling one hundred percent. My daughter was sick and my wife was sick, so the houses is sick. I went in for, you know, less than 48 hours and I took something with me. I'm fine, it's just my stomach is a little, you know, different types of different foods aren't agreeing with me.

But I feel a lot better today. Everyday I've been feeling better and better.

Q. You say you cook your own meals in the hotel?


Q. Is that just because you have a specialty yet or you always do that?

BILLY ANDRADE: No, I'm staying at a hotel that's got a kitchen. So go to the supermarket. I played with some guys in the pro-am that are with Acme, they told me this supermarket is pretty good. I slide in there, heat it up, get something to eat, go back to the house, eat it up, watched a little bit of the football game last night for a little while. Went to bed and had to get up early. I have been sleeping a lot the last few days because I haven't felt great.

TODD BUDNICK: Well. Thank you Billy.

BILLY ANDRADE: All right. Thank you.

End of FastScripts....

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