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February 10, 2007

Bob Bryan

Mike Bryan

Patrick McEnroe


THE MODERATOR: Bob and Mike, congratulations on getting the second point today. We'll start with questions.

Q. Seems like the nine games you played something similar to what our guys played, but then in the 10th game, you always put it a little higher. Is it what you really did or coincidence?
BOB BRYAN: Yeah, I definitely thought they played great tennis those nine games. It was a dogfight. They had breakpoints. It was really close. They served well, volleyed well.
The 5-4 games, we definitely upped our level a little bit and got a little lucky. Who knows what that comes down to. It was a little bit of skill and luck.

Q. You got your 10th career win, broke Dlouhy on the 10th game in all three sets. Pretty weird.
MIKE BRYAN: Pretty spooky. I was telling Bob, I wanted to keep the scoreboard, we call it four sailboats - we've been playing a lot of poker (laughter) - keep it 4-4-4. At the 5-4 game, we took our level up, got the break on Dlouhy every time.

Q. Patrick, what is Andy's mindset for tomorrow? How is he preparing for Berdych?
CAPTAIN McENROE: I think his mindset is good. I think he looks forward to these big matches. He knows that Tomas is playing very well, so I think he knows he has to play probably even better than he played in his first match.
I think he will. I think it will be a great match. Obviously, Tomas is playing with a lot of confidence, as well. But he feels good. He always puts in a great effort in Davis Cup. I'm expecting that he'll do the same tomorrow.

Q. Is James back to normal after his defeat; no more anger?
CAPTAIN McENROE: I think James gets over his losses pretty quickly. I think that's part of why he's improved so much in the last couple years. He realizes that he may have another chance. We hope he doesn't. We hope Andy can win the first match. But I'm not worried about James' mindset. I think he'll be just fine.

Q. Were you surprised by the atmosphere at the beginning of the game today, to be more like a hockey game, not tennis? What was the real reason of what happened on court?
BOB BRYAN: It was a little confusing. I had a serve, the ball went past Mike, he swung and missed. I kind of hit kind of a shank to the open court.
I mean, maybe for the casual fans it looks weird. But, you know, it happens a lot, so... There was no cheating or anything.

Q. Are you starting to think about your place in doubles history? You're quickly getting up to the top of the ladder.
BOB BRYAN: Yeah, it's obviously an honor for us to be considered in the same sentence as great teams. It's happened pretty fast. Patrick just picked us three years ago. We've really been excited to play each Davis Cup match. We've prepared really well for each one. Every time we go out there, we've really brought the energy and our games.
If he keeps picking us, we'll keep piling 'em up and we'll see what happens.

Q. How close are you to winning this tie in percentage now?
CAPTAIN McENROE: One match closer than the Czechs (laughter). We realize that can change quickly.
I think we're all looking forward to the match between Andy and Tomas. We think it will be a great match. We feel good about our chances in both matches tomorrow.
Both guys realize after what happened yesterday they have to play their best, play well. We're expecting a tough match, but we're happy to be up 2-1.

Q. People read somewhere that you have the same house, car, bank account.
BOB BRYAN: Girlfriend (laughter).

Q. Do you live so close together or are these rumors?
MIKE BRYAN: I mean, it's all true.
BOB BRYAN: There's a rumor around we share the same toothbrush. But it's not true. So far, we're living together. We're together all the time. We have the same interests. Eventually once one of us gets married, we'll have to split apart.
MIKE BRYAN: Share the same money.

Q. Concerning the tactics for today's doubles, have you since the very beginning got ready for playing Vizner and Dlouhy? Were you considering the possibility of playing Tomas, as well, or were you ready for this team?
MIKE BRYAN: We were ready the whole time to play Vizner/Dlouhy. They had a great year last year. They're a team. They're (indiscernible) in the world. We played them a few times in tough matches. The whole time I thought they were coming after us, you know, they were probably going to save Berdych for tomorrow. So, yeah, we were expecting them.

Q. Patrick, do you see an overall improvement from your team on clay, even from where they were at last September in Moscow?
CAPTAIN McENROE: Yeah, I think obviously every match is different. But there is definitely some improvement I think the way we're moving, constructing points.
You know, it's very small the difference between winning and losing some of these matches, particularly best-of-five sets when the level is so high.
Yeah, I think there is improvement. But the boys realize it's no secret, it's still not our favorite surface. But I still think both of our singles players are very capable of playing well on clay.

Q. Do you think you can dominate in doubles like Federer does in singles?
BOB BRYAN: I think it's a lot harder to dominate in doubles. You have two players, I can't control if Mike is injured, what he's doing. There's just more variables. You know, doubles is very tight, the margins, with big serving.
You know, it's really hard to dominate like Federer. I don't think we'll see anyone dominate like Federer again.
I think we're playing our best tennis right now. If we are going to do anything like Federer, it's going to be in the next couple years.

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