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February 4, 2007

Jeff Quinney


JOE CHEMYCZ: We welcome Jeff Quinney in. Jeff, I know a disappointing finish for you. You finished bogey-bogey, but still, a good week for you, third-place finish. Your third consecutive Top 10, you move to eighth on the FedExCup points list. Just talk a little bit about your day and we'll open it up for questions.
JEFF QUINNEY: Obviously it didn't end the way I wanted it to, but all in all I'm pretty happy with the performance. I was sleeping on the lead the last couple days and it was a lot of pressure and I'm happy how I handled the whole situation.
I played pretty dang good golf today. I started off on the front nine, just felt in control of my game just like I have been all week. Baddeley played really good and put the pressure on me, and we had a lot of fun, though.

Q. On 17 you had a one-shot lead going in. Just the thought process taking driver there instead of 3-wood?
JEFF QUINNEY: I knew I needed to make birdie because I knew basically they were going to make birdie. Obviously it's a tough pin. He hits it longer than I do, and basically his 3-wood is like my driver, and I felt really great over that shot. I was shocked to see it go left. I was really confident I was just going to knock it on the middle of the green. One those things, you look up and it's going left. I hit a great recovery shot. A tough little slider, it was a tough pin back there, and I didn't execute, but I'm not going to dwell on that.

Q. The way you headed in, it kind of came down to a neighborhood bragging rights story?
JEFF QUINNEY: No, we had a good time talking all day about where we live. We live pretty close to each other in Grayhawk and have mutual friends and everything. If I didn't win, I guess I'm glad a local guy won.
You know, I just hope to be back in the hunt quickly. I just want to get back there again, and I know my time will come soon.

Q. How are you looking at it from a season point of view? I mean, obviously you've had a positive start to the year. You must be looking at it positively with your start?
JEFF QUINNEY: Yeah, I basically locked up my Tour card for next year and it's barely even February. I've got a lot of golf left, a lot of tournaments. I'm just going to look back and learn a few things this week, but all in all, I'm pretty happy. I mean, if you would have told me this a couple weeks ago, that I made whatever amount of money I made, I'd take that in a second.
You know, I'm still a very confident player. I'm not going to let this bring me down at all. I can learn from it and just get better next time.

Q. That was sort of the angle I was going to get at. It's got to be inside you as a competitor a little gut-wrenching to have it so close. How do you get that out of you?
JEFF QUINNEY: I don't know, you don't really get it out of you. Somehow you maybe sit down and evaluate after the round, and a few changes, maybe a few -- I don't know, I was putting great all week, and I stepped up to the ball pretty confidently and it just didn't go where I wanted it to. That's golf.

Q. The six-foot birdie putt on 15 looking back was a big --
JEFF QUINNEY: Yeah, it was a tough chip. I would have loved to snuggle that one up close. It was really a tricky read there. It was kind of falling back towards the back edge of the green. I didn't hit a very good putt, but Aaron put the pressure on me making the putt in front of me, and I had a great drive to set up and a 3-iron to the hole. Obviously you look back, but I made a lot of good shots, too.

Q. Is it difficult to control your emotions and your swing as you come down the stretch?
JEFF QUINNEY: A little bit, but I actually was real happy on how I felt over the golf ball today. I was very at ease, very at peace out there. I knew I was going to control what my swing was doing, I knew where the ball was going for the most part. I hit some good shots down at the end. I felt really in control.

Q. You played the par 4s I think it was 11-under but the par 5s were only 4-under. Is that one thing you look at and say how can I do that better next time?
JEFF QUINNEY: I think this golf course, if you hit about 20 or 30 yards longer is where those par 5s really are easy. Baddeley hit driver, 4-iron on No. 3 today to two feet and I hit it in the rough, but I'm lucky to get there. There's a few of those things where they have the advantage. Obviously that's wherever you want to score the holes every week is the par 5s. 15, I didn't really -- I think I only had one birdie there all week, and I left a few out there.

Q. Did the drive at 17 affect the drive at 18?
JEFF QUINNEY: Not really. I was kind of shocked it went left on 17, but actually I stepped up there and I knew I had to stick it in the fairway and put the pressure on. I don't know, I just came out of it, had no impact. It was a tough lie up in that bunker. Obviously I would have probably had rather have it come back in the bunker and go over it. Basically a baseball swing, was a pretty tough shot.

Q. You started the day with the lead and you probably saw early on that people were just making eagles and birdies all over the place. Did you feel like you had any extra pressure on yourself to try to maintain what you had?
JEFF QUINNEY: No, I knew I needed to put the pedal to the metal. I was not going to play par putts and win the golf tournament. I knew I needed to get in the low 20s. I didn't want to play defensive. I was pretty good about playing aggressive. I hit very few defensive shots. I think I committed to most of my shots out there, and other than a few putts, I played a good round of golf.

Q. I followed you on the back nine and I never saw you once look at a scoreboard. You didn't check it out, did you?
JEFF QUINNEY: I knew what Aaron and my group was. I'm not really a scoreboard watcher. I just concentrate on what I'm doing. I can kind of feel I'm in the lead or close to the lead. I'm just going to make as many birdies as I can coming in because I know from 13 on every hole is a birdie hole. I just wanted to finish strong.

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