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February 4, 2007

John Rollins


JOE CHEMYCZ: We welcome John Rollins in. John, final round 63 today. You did about everything you had to do to try to win this golf tournament and got an unlucky break there at 18 in hitting the pin. Just talk a little bit about the day and watching the leaderboard and how conscious were you of where you were. Also with your finish here you take over the number one spot in the FedExCup points standings.
JOHN ROLLINS: Agree, I played good. Got off to a quick start, birdied the first three, saw a hole-in-one, heard all the cheering in front of us and an eagle behind us. You knew it was going to be a shootout until the end. I really didn't do a lot of leaderboard watching until probably about maybe 13, 12 or 13. After getting off to a quick start and then playing with Bart, he was making everything he was looking at, so he was kind of out running so I knew I had to at least chase him for a while.
You know, but it was just nice to play good and have a good solid week and feel like your game is really shaping up good and it's a good start.

Q. Talk about 18, what yardage and club you had there?
JOHN ROLLINS: We had 131 right to the hole. It was a good, perfect wedge. Under the circumstances I didn't have to take anything off or try to hit anything hard, just a good, solid wedge. It came off perfect. It absolutely never hit the flag. It hit the top of the flag and got a little bit unlucky when it kind of hit and spun back off the front of the green.
But it's golf. Those kind of breaks are -- when it's your week, that ball misses the flag and it's a kick-in. When it's not, it hits the flag and spins off.
But Aaron is a great champion. Local guy, live right here. And he played well himself. You can't frown at his effort. He shot 8-under, as well. Guy shoots 8-under to beat you, you can't be disappointed.

Q. You could see right from the very start that somebody was going to have to go low?
JOHN ROLLINS: Yeah, when I came out and made three birdies and Bart birdied 1 and eagled 3 and you see Heath makes a hole-in-one and you don't know what he's shooting, but he makes a one, and then Aaron right behind us on 3 made a tap-in for eagle, made a 3 there. You knew that a lot of birdies were going to be flying. The weather was perfect, the golf course has been fantastic all week. You just knew you had to make a bunch of birdies.

Q. Leading up to this week was your game pretty solid? Did you feel good coming in here?
JOHN ROLLINS: Yeah, I felt pretty good. Boy, this is my fifth week in a row so I'm tired, but coming in I felt really good. I played good at the Hope, obviously losing in a playoff there to Hoffman, and then last week a little disappointed in San Diego, but didn't play -- I didn't play horrible, but I just -- things didn't go my way. I didn't make putts, but I felt good coming in here. I knew the golf course would be in good shape and we'd have some good, smooth greens to putt on. When you got here, it just -- everything just kind of started to click back in like I felt at the Hope again.

Q. So with a playoff loss there and one shot back here, you've got to feel like you're just right on the edge, huh?
JOHN ROLLINS: Yeah, I'm looking forward to a good year. Obviously we've gotten off to a great start, you know, and I can't complain. But yeah, I've put a lot of work in in the off-season, and it's nice to see that some of the stuff that I've done is starting to pay off and becoming a little bit more consistent, which is something that I tried to work on this off-season.

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