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February 4, 2007

Billy Mayfair


Q. You've got to be really pleased with the way you came back and played well this week.
BILLY MAYFAIR: I sure have. I've struggled the last three weeks, but to come back today and make six birdies and no bogeys and finish up there in the Top 10, I'm really thrilled. I was disappointed after yesterday's round, but I came back today and had a real nice, solid round.

Q. How old were you when you went to your first Phoenix Open?
BILLY MAYFAIR: Well, I used to carry the signs down there at Phoenix Country Club, and I remember I used to carry them for Jerry Pate and Miller Barber and all those guys. I don't think they want me to mention the years they were down there.
But I grew up with the Phoenix Open, coming out to it all the time, and now being able to play it so many years has been a thrill.

Q. How did the course play differently in the sunshine as opposed to the weather that was here a few days ago?
BILLY MAYFAIR: Well, one thing, it's warmer so the ball is traveling a lot further, and two, the fairways are starting to dry out.
I've got to say they were a little generous today with the pin placements. I think they wanted us to go out and make some birdies and kind of excite the crowd and get it going. I think there was a lot of good scores today, and I think people who come out here to watch want to see birdies and they don't want to see us make bogeys. We like making birdies, too.
Overall I think the golf course changed a lot from Tuesday to Sunday, but I think just having it dry out and get warmer.

Q. How do you take the way you played in this tournament the rest of the way?
BILLY MAYFAIR: Obviously it gives me a lot of confidence. I'm disappointed I'm not going to win, but I've just got to keep getting myself in contention time and time again, and maybe sooner or later that door will open for me again.

Q. Playing in one of the final groups, do you feel like the crowd appreciates you a lot more coming in and playing so well?
BILLY MAYFAIR: I hope so. I hope the crowd appreciates me no matter what. I'm a hometown boy, I give back to the community, I try to do a lot of things, and I love the fans here. This year they were just wonderful. They were loud out there on 16 and really not rowdy at all, and I think that's just a great credit to the fans out there and to all the people that came out these last six, seven days. It's been a great week.

Q. How are you doing physically?
BILLY MAYFAIR: Physically pretty good. My legs were a little tired last night and all that, but I got a lot of rest and played well today. I just feel like every week I go along, I get stronger and stronger.

Q. Are you getting treatments right now?
BILLY MAYFAIR: No, I'm done with treatments. I'm done with treatments. I haven't had a treatment since about December 14th. It's taken a lot to get out of my system, but I feel a lot better.

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