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February 3, 2007

Bart Bryant


Q. Not a bad day today. You're not out of contention. You can't be too far off from where you want to be, but it must have felt like a little roller coaster with the putter today?
BART BRYANT: You're not kidding. I had a major putter meltdown on the front nine especially. But I was able to make one there on I think 14 and rolled in a nice par putt on 18, so hopefully that will give me a little confidence going into tomorrow. But yeah, all things considered, the way my day went, to only be three back, I'm pretty fortunate to be there at this point.

Q. Dinner always tastes good when you make a good putt on 18, doesn't it?
BART BRYANT: No doubt. It's going to taste a lot better. Bogeying that last hole would not have been real smooth, so I was very happy to get that one in.

Q. Talk to me a little bit about 16. That's a little wild out there. When do you start thinking about that 16th hole?
BART BRYANT: Probably when I get to the locker room later I'll be thinking about it, the shot I'm going to have to hit tomorrow.

Q. That's crazy. When you tee off on the 1st hole you already hear them going crazy out there on 16.
BART BRYANT: You know, it's coming all day long, and it's kind of like, "gee, I hope I hit the green there. I hope I don't leave my putt short." They're getting tough, though.
I had about a 12-, 13-foot birdie putt and I missed it, and I got a few boos anyway. I thought I gave it a pretty good effort, but they're getting pretty tough out there on you right now.

Q. You've been playing real good here lately. You're just not going to let these young guys take the Tour over, are you?
BART BRYANT: I'm trying to hold on for the old guys. We've got a lot of great young players coming up with a lot of talent. And even more than that, we've got some really great individuals that are going to be good for the game, some really good guys. I think that the Tour is going to be in good hands for a long, long time.

Q. Before we go, just tell me going into tomorrow what are your plans going into the last round here at the FBR?
BART BRYANT: I'm going to go grab me a couple putters and head to the putting green. Going to work out some of the nerves and see if I can't get it going over that putter.
If I'm going to have a chance to win tomorrow I've got to putt a lot better than I did today, so need to go work on that and just let the chips fall where they're going to tomorrow.

Q. Well, you're hitting the ball fantastic. Go feel good about the putter. Have a great day tomorrow.
BART BRYANT: Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.

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