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February 3, 2007

Jeff Quinney


JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Jeff, thank you for joining us for a few minutes here in the media center at the FBR Open. Solid round out there today, two-stroke lead going into the final round. A place you call home. What are you feeling?
JEFF QUINNEY: I'm feeling great. Obviously happy with today's performance, 3-under on Saturday, and there was some tough pins out there, and I made some good birdies and some good shots.
We really had a blast. It was my first experience being in the lead group at this tournament with all those people watching, and I learned a lot today.

Q. How does that affect you at all, or does it, having that big of a crowd there and being the last group coming in?
JEFF QUINNEY: Yeah, I mean, it's just all about how you handle it. Basically it's there, it's just your choice how you handle it. I choose to have fun with it and just embrace it, and people are there to have a good time, want you to succeed, and they're behind you.

Q. They turned on you at the 16th in a hurry, though, didn't they? Talk about that experience.
JEFF QUINNEY: Yeah, you miss the green or you hit a putt short of the hole you get a little criticized. It's not really a flag you really shoot at. I was just a little juiced up but made par and got out of there.

Q. You had a couple bogeys today that you only had one through the first 36 holes. Did those bother you at all? Was there any one of those that you felt like that shouldn't have happened?
JEFF QUINNEY: Obviously every time you make a bogey you're never happy, but I hit a lot of good shots, too. I hit a shot great on 15 out of bunker to give me range with water behind me on that par 5, great drive on 17. I don't really dwell on the bogeys. You're going to make a few bogeys and I'm going to focus more on the positive shots.

Q. Did you think the shot was in the water on 15?
JEFF QUINNEY: I saw the flash in the sand and I didn't know if it was going to hop through, but I talked to somebody that said it was up.

Q. What about the 18th, your tee shot? How far did that clear?
JEFF QUINNEY: It was pretty far. I hit a little bit left of my line but I hit it solid enough where it was going to stay up. I had a good look at it, just kind of between clubs, had a tough pitch, but that's behind me now. I'm just ready to regroup and rest up and go for it tomorrow.

Q. You have a two-stroke lead going into the final round here at home. Do you kind of have to pinch yourself and say, Let's just keep it cool, it's amazing this is happening?
JEFF QUINNEY: It's going to be a blast. You can't go home and protect it. Guys are going to be firing at you tomorrow. I haven't really seen the scores today but I kind of expected somebody to go low. The greens are perfect, weather is perfect. I can't just go out there and shoot par tomorrow, I've to make birdies.

Q. Talk about the difference in pressure between the 2000 Amateur and this here?
JEFF QUINNEY: They're pretty -- you can draw on that experience, you know, basically everyone -- the focus is on you. In the finals it's just you and the other competitor.
Basically it's match play versus stroke play. Match play you can maybe hit one errant shot but in stroke play you basically have to play a little more careful on certain shots. I learned a lot there and I'm learning a lot every day out here.

Q. The last two weeks put you more at ease as far as playing in the final round tomorrow?
JEFF QUINNEY: Definitely. I'm going to look back at those, be able to be more comfortable, you know, just approach the whole day in a different mindset, knowing that I can do it. I've been playing well, I don't need to change anything; do the same swing thoughts, go through the same routine I've done, and whatever happens happens.

Q. What will you do for the rest of this evening leading up to tomorrow, just take it easy?
JEFF QUINNEY: I'm not going to change anything. I'm going to probably hit a few balls, go through the same routine, get some rest, have dinner. It's real important just to do the same thing. Don't put any extra pressure on tomorrow's round. It's just another round of golf. If you do that you're not going to perform as well as you could.
I'm just real happy to be here. It's just a lot of fun.
JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Can you go through your birdies and bogeys real quickly? You birdied No. 1.
JEFF QUINNEY: Birdied No. 1, kind of -- I ripped a 3-wood off the tee, wedge to probably 20 feet, kind of a tough left to right slider and made that.
Birdie on 3, I hit a great wedge shot to about four feet.
Bogey on 7, kind of mis-hit an iron, hit it up to probably three feet, and that was one of the poor putts of the day, and lipped that one out.
Birdie on 8, hit a great drive and a great 6-iron to four feet.
9, great driver, 9-iron to ten feet.
Bogey on 10, hit it in the fairway bunker kind of between clubs and just hit it a little fat, had a relatively easy chip, hit a great putt, missed it.
Birdie on 15, kind of been laying up on that hole all week, hit 3-wood, pulled it, hit it in the bunker, got away with one and hit a shot to about a foot.
Birdie on 17, helping wind, cranked a driver to the front edge and was able to putt it up to about two feet.
Bogey on 18, hit 9-iron from about 150 yards, probably should have hit 8, but kind of hit into the hill and hit it too hard and just hit a poor putt.

Q. With the Super Bowl coming here next year, as a hometown guy, talk about what this place is going to be like with the FBR closing on the same day as the Super Bowl?
JEFF QUINNEY: It's going to be a madhouse. I can't imagine the amount of people this place attracts, and then that, a worldwide event. This town is going to be crazy. I don't know if it can handle all the hotels and stuff. It'll just make this tournament even more fun probably.

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