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February 3, 2007

Robert Garrigus


ROBERT GARRIGUS: That was a blast out there. In '97 I was there when Tiger holed it, and I almost made one today, and I might have passed out, but I had a great shot there and I played well all day, just had a bad swing on 15, didn't really concentrate on the tee box and it kind of hurt me. But I'm in good position.

Q. Obviously 13 and 14, two huge holes, two great putts there for you?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Absolutely. I had been burning the lips all day. I had one one-putt all day going up to that hole, and then I had like 45 feet and I just told myself to stay patient, keep hitting good putts, and I hit a great putt there and it went in.
And on 14 I made a curler, and on 15 I was so nervous I just completely blanked out and hit it in the water. I'm not going to lie to you, I was pretty nervous.

Q. Obviously with where you've been and getting to this point heading into the final round, can you even believe that you're in this position right now?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah, you always dream, you always think before you go to bed, I'm going to go out tomorrow, I'm going to shoot 5-, 6-under and I'm going to be in the lead. You know, I mean, you always dream of it, it's just when it happens, you've got to take it in stride and go with it.

Q. Quinney is at 17 under now. He continues to play well. It's going to be a battle tomorrow to keep up with him.
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Absolutely. I thought I had to shoot 5- or 6-under today to get close, and that's what I would have had to do. And tomorrow I've got to do the same thing. I've got to go out and hit good putts and good shots and we'll see where the chips fall.

Q. Once again, three Arizona guys right there on the top, battling it out. How nice is that being one of them?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Well, it's great. We all know the course. We all know where the putts are going and where the shots are going. It's just dealing with the crowds and dealing with the craziness. Some poor people got arrested on the 17th tee box when we were sitting over there, and I couldn't even think. I blocked it way right in the bushes and made par.
It's crazy. It's fun out here, everybody is having a good time. I think there's about 165,000 people here today. They look like they're having fun, so I'm glad I'm getting off the golf course right now.

Q. I know your mind is on golf right now, but do you have a Super Bowl prediction?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Come on, Bears, all the way. I've been a Bears fan since I was a kid, and I think we're going to do it. I think we're going to beat the Indianapolis Colts, and I can't wait to watch the game tomorrow.

Q. After you win?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Absolutely. That would be even better. I might quit golf if I win and the Bears win the Super Bowl.

Q. That would be the only downfall to winning is you'd have so many media interviews you might not catch the opening kick.

Q. Why were you nervous on 15?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: I don't know. I was getting up there, I was all pumped up from making those last two putts, and I just kind of -- I have ADD real bad, so I kind of blocked out and wasn't concentrating, and it just got me. But I made a great bogey. I was happy with a 4 on that hole after the tee shot. I mean, I'll just go on tomorrow and there's 18 holes left.

Q. Do you ever think you need to make up for lost time?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Not really. I mean, it's just -- you go through your life and you do your thing, and whatever happens happens. It's not that big a deal.

Q. This is a little different than playing your practice rounds here all the time?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Oh, absolutely. I'm driving around in a cart all the time on practice rounds, and I've never walked the golf course. There's all kinds of hills out here you've got to walk. I didn't know there were any hills. I'd always ride around in a cart. It's completely different. You've got so many people. When we were sitting on 16 tee box, I hit 9-iron from almost 180 yards and almost made it. I don't know what would have happened if that ball would have went in, probably started shaking. But it's a lot different.

Q. Is that an intimidating hole or is that energizing?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: You know, John Rollins and Bubba and I were talking about it as we were walking up, and it was just -- it pumps you up. It's really not that intimidating. When I missed the little birdie putt -- you have to have fun with it because you don't get that anywhere else. You don't get people booing you.
It's unique and it's great. You know, I think it's awesome. I think it's a great hole.

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