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February 3, 2007

Colin Montgomerie


COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Try and finish in the Top-10, that would be reasonable.

Q. You must be pretty happy with today?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I dropped a shot, disappointing finish, dropped a shot at the ninth, disappointing finish, hit the top of my chip, hit the top of my putt, but never mind. 66-68 okay.

Q. Just the first round.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: First round was awful.

Q. You seem to like the first nine much better.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I just happen to get more lucky on the front nine than the back nine. The back nine doesn't suit me. You have to hit high hooks on the back nine. I think it's set up -- it's set up more and more for big, high hooks. The 18th, you need a big high hook; the 14th, you need a big high hook; the 13th, you need a big high hook. That's not my game. I hit low fades. So it's difficult for me.

Q. In your quest for hitting the ball further, is it working?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No, it doesn't really help. That's a quest, fighting a losing battle there, so we'll see.

Q. Was there some advantage with the conditions going out in the first group?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: The first group was okay. We had nine holes where the green were perfect but obviously they are not for everybody.
No worries there. The course is set up great. Big tournament, this, so we'll see. Lots of world points. So finish as high up as possible. We'll see what happens.

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