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February 3, 2007

Jason Bohn


Q. 67 today, kind of not necessarily puts you in contention, but you're kind of in the upper echelon. Maybe just talk about your day today.
JASON BOHN: Yeah, it was good. I played well today, hit a lot of good iron shots and made a few putts early and got off to a good start, and I think that's what you've got to do on this golf tournament. If you can turn the front nine 2-, 3-, 4-under par you've got an opportunity on the back because -- I kind of left them out there today.

Q. You mentioned earlier that there may be a 60, 61, 62 out there. Talk about the conditions are about as good as you're going to get in a pro golf tournament?
JASON BOHN: They are. The conditions are absolutely perfect. You drive the golf ball in the fairway, the greens are soft enough to hold shots. The greens are perfect, so you can make a lot of putts.

Q. As far as this particular tournament, you've been out here for a couple years. Is this a tournament where guys either like coming here or they don't?
JASON BOHN: Yeah, I think so. I think either you love the home crowd thing or you don't, you hate it. I'm a lover of it. I think it's neat.
I don't know that we could do it every week. I don't think that would really kind of fit with what PGA TOUR golf is. But I think it's kind of fun to come around once and play an event that's like a cocktail party.

Q. Is it an event where so many people are talking, so many people are moving that you don't really notice it because it's not like one person yelling or moving at a particular hole like 18 or the holes where there's a lot of players? There's so many people doing things that you just kind of tune it out?
JASON BOHN: Yeah, I think it kind of gives you a little sense of what Tiger has to deal with on a daily basis. People are screaming and hollering at him and he kind of tunes it out. I think it's good for all of us to get a little touch of that. I will give the fans tremendous credit because they do their research. They were yelling for the Crimson Tide out there. Brian Gay, I played with him today, and his daughter's birthday was today and they knew that and they were wishing her happy birthday. They're having fun, but they're classy people.

Q. You're a guy that in the last couple of years has played your best golf maybe middle of the year on. Start of this year not particularly great, but do you feel like you're playing well overall?
JASON BOHN: Yeah, I do. I feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things. It takes a few weeks to kind of get the whole -- go back to focusing on every shot. I'd love to get off to a good start on the West Coast. I never have before, so I'm kind of looking forward to if I can play well these next few weeks, it would be good.

Q. What do you do in your off-season? I guess you probably shut it down after which tournament?
JASON BOHN: I shut it down after Tampa. I did a lot of practicing because we had a really mild winter. I spent a lot of time with my family because we were at home and I thought it was really important for all of us.

Q. (Inaudible)?
JASON BOHN: Yeah, I think so. You just lose that competitiveness. You just lose that being out there on every shot. When you're at home playing with your buddies it's not like it is out here.

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