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February 3, 2007

Peter Lonard


Q. Must be nice to play on the weekend.
PETER LONARD: Very nice to play on the weekend. I've played two weekends this year, you know. It's very boring living life at the bars on the weekends.

Q. Have you talked to Eric Hilcoff?
PETER LONARD: I haven't spoken to him yet. I've stayed in town. I haven't made my way home yet. Mind you, I haven't been back to Orlando since Tampa, so it's three months, four months or something.

Q. You're playing the weekend why? What happened that you're playing better?
PETER LONARD: Don't know. Since the start I feel like I've played pretty good, like on my -- you know, those elusive statistics, greens in reg and all that stuff, distance, is better than last year, but just didn't score.
You know, I did my best to miss the cut yesterday and ground it out and got in there. Today probably could have been a little bit better, but it's definitely on the improve.

Q. You didn't know who was playing in the Super Bowl. Do you know who played in the Grand Final?
PETER LONARD: The Footy Grand Final?

Q. Yeah.
PETER LONARD: Shit, that was six months ago. All I know is my team got knocked out the week before it. That's the only one that matters as far as I'm concerned.

Q. So it was a while ago, yeah, you're right. You made a few putts today then. Is that what helped?
PETER LONARD: Made a couple putts. I just played the par 5s good. I think I hit it on -- probably hit it on two or three of the par 5s for two and then got it up-and-down on 15. So that was nice. Got the walk of shame on 16, missing the green, getting booed the whole way. I'm definitely grounded after I'm finished, that's for sure.

Q. Now, have you been here a couple times before?
PETER LONARD: I've been here once before, yeah.

Q. So you knew what was coming?
PETER LONARD: I knew what was coming. I just didn't miss the green last time so I didn't realize how good it was.

Q. You'll probably be five, six shots back tomorrow. How do you approach the day?
PETER LONARD: Just like today. You just take a few risks and you make a few birdies early, you never know. It's going to take a serious golf score to catch them tomorrow.

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