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February 2, 2007

Brett Quigley


Q. Brett Quigley after back-to-back 67s. I know you're not real happy with how it all finished, but otherwise a marvelous morning to walk around the golf course.
BRETT QUIGLEY: Yeah, I got to watch a good round of golf, certainly. I'm playing well. Obviously Quinney played an unbelievable round. I was just trying to hang close to him.

Q. Great job on the par 5s on the back side your first nine today, birdie, eagle. Do you feel like you have to make up ground there? There haven't been as many birdies there as I might have expected.
BRETT QUIGLEY: Yeah, especially those two holes. You've really got to hit a good drive on 13, and then 15 you certainly feel like you need to make birdie. It's an eagle hole.
It was nice making birdie and an eagle there, and it kind of got the day going.

Q. What's it like to make eagle at 15 and yet nobody has heard it? It's almost like the twig breaking in the forest because then you go to 16 and everything goes crazy.
BRETT QUIGLEY: Yeah, they were starting early this morning. 15 doesn't get much attention paid to it. But once you get onto 16, it's an unbelievable feeling.

Q. Rare match-up of a couple of guys that start their last name with Qs. Mr. Quinney played pretty well, didn't he?
BRETT QUIGLEY: He kicked my butt (laughter).

Q. With your Patriots out of the Super Bowl, do you have a pick for Sunday?
BRETT QUIGLEY: I heard they cancelled the Super Bowl. The Patriots are out so they're not going to play it. It's got to be Indy. I think it's Peyton's time, so I would be surprised if Indianapolis doesn't win.

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