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February 2, 2007

Vaughn Taylor


Q. Vaughn, back-to-back 67s. You just love golf tournaments where there are mountains, don't you?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, I do. It's beautiful out here. It's a great golf course, great tournament, and just out trying to have fun.

Q. You got off to a wonderful start after the first hole; bogeyed the 1st, then went 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. That's a heck of a poker hand. You had things going there.
VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, I did. I bounced back well after No. 1 and just hit some good shots, made a few birdies. I just wish I could have kept it going. I got it back in the end.

Q. How hard is it to keep momentum going when you get on a run like that where you make four in a row, five in a row? You almost start to expect it, and then do you get disappointed if you don't make one?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, you just kind of stay in the moment and not look too far ahead and just kind of keep plugging along. But it is nice when you get some momentum going and you get it cruising. Today I unfortunately lost it a little bit.

Q. 8-under par, though, you've got to like your spot for the weekend?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, I'm a little behind, but a good round tomorrow and I'll try to get a little closer.

Q. Great playing conditions out there, aren't they?
VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, they are. It's warming up and not much wind. There's some tough pins out there, so you really have to hit some good iron shots.

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