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February 2, 2007

John Rollins


Q. How much is too much to come from behind?
JOHN ROLLINS: It's never too much on this golf course. There's so many birdie opportunities, and this golf course is in such good shape that even if you get your putter hot you can make a lot of putts in a row. I don't know how many holes he's got left, he's not done, but he might grab a couple more and really separate himself.
You've just got to go out this weekend and keep flying at some flags and try to make as many birdies as you can.

Q. But you have to be really aggressive?
JOHN ROLLINS: Yeah, unless something crazy happens and this golf course firms up overnight, which I don't see that really happening, but we're supposed to have some good weather this weekend. So I would say that you're going to have to make a bunch of birdies on the weekend to catch him and contend.

Q. Can you talk about your round, 3-under 69 today, you're now 9-under, you're in contention, you're playing well. Some thoughts on your round today.
JOHN ROLLINS: I played good. I got off to a good start. I kind of let a little bit get away from me in the middle of the round and had some opportunities, just couldn't get the putts to go down. I mean, it's golf. It is what it is. I'm very comfortable with how I'm playing and how I'm swinging and what I'm doing, so yeah, I'm looking forward to a big weekend.

Q. Looks like that putt on 18 just lipped out, looks like you wanted that one pretty bad?
JOHN ROLLINS: Yeah, I don't know how it missed. I thought it was dead center, hit the flag dead center, and a little disappointed with the second shot but then thought I ended up chipping it in to finish the day. But we'll move on and get ready for tomorrow.

Q. The weather is obviously nicer. How do you find the course? Is it firming up a little bit, allowing some lower scores?
JOHN ROLLINS: You know, the fairways are a little bit firmer. The greens are still very receptive. But, you know, these pins, they're going to put some good pins out there. I felt like the greens today got a little bit quicker than they were yesterday, so I'm sure with this sun and everything kind of drying out, I'm sure they'll get them up to speed, and that may help kind of contain the scores a little bit, too.

Q. The morning round saw yourself, Quinney, Garrigus, Bubba Watson, a lot of fresh faces, new faces atop that leaderboard.
JOHN ROLLINS: Yeah, it's nice to see. We've got a long weekend ahead of us. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, but I'm just going to go out and try to play as solid as I can and give myself as many birdie putts as I can.

Q. What do you do with the rest of your afternoon?
JOHN ROLLINS: Probably grab a little lunch and do a little practicing and then head back to the room and just kind of relax. I've got some family and friends out this week, so kind of relax with them and have a good time.

Q. You've played five weeks in a row?
JOHN ROLLINS: Five weeks in a row.

Q. When you're playing good is it hard to say, ahh, I can take a week off?
JOHN ROLLINS: No, it doesn't matter if I win or finish 2nd, 3rd, 10th, 12th, whatever, I'm going home next week. Five weeks is a long time for me. I typically only like to play about three in a row. It's just kind of one of those stretches. Getting the season off to a decent start and feeling pretty good about my game, we'll just suck it up for a weekend and go home and relax.

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