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January 28, 2007

Elena Likhovtseva

Daniel Nestor


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Daniel, an Australia mixed doubles title to go with your doubles title in 2002. Nice way to start the season?
DANIEL NESTOR: Yeah, very nice. I'm very happy that Elena decided not to retire at the end of last year. She told me she might. It's good that she stayed. We played well the whole way through, both of us played well, and especially today we both played well.
We played a tough team. They seem to be winning all your matches pretty easily. We were a little bit worried about that, but we stuck to our game and we executed well.

Q. Elena, I guess you're that glad that you didn't retire now. Why were you going to retire?
ELENA LIKHOVTSEVA: I've been on the tour for a long time, and I just decided that I should, you know, start doing something different. But then I thought that, Well, you know, if I still enjoy it, and I did enjoy it, at the end of last year I had good results, and I decided that I should maybe go another year.

Q. How does this compare with your Wimbledon mixed doubles?
ELENA LIKHOVTSEVA: Well, this is the second title in mixed doubles. But I think because Daniel and I played last year all year and we had two finals and we didn't succeed, so it is very nice to win with him.
Second time in Australia the finals. We won the finals, and I hope we continue playing the whole year. So it feels very nice.

Q. Have you come to an agreement to play for the rest of the year together?
ELENA LIKHOVTSEVA: We didn't sign anything, but I don't know. They're only four Grand Slams, so hopefully we will.

Q. Do you think that the experience that you had as a combination compared to the other team, they obviously haven't played so much together, made a difference in the final?
DANIEL NESTOR: I think so. We had a pretty good game plan and I think that the fact that Elena plays really well from the baseline and I play well from the net is a good combination for us. And probably the inexperience of the young Belarusian, Victoria, maybe showed a little bit.
Although I thought she played really well. Maybe a couple loose errors at the net cost them. Max was aggressive, but I think he's played better matches. His serve wasn't as big as some other times I've played him in the past. I think we capitalized on our opportunities and it worked out.

Q. Victoria Azarenka was getting pretty frustrated out there today - and I guess being only 17 years of age. Did you try and exploit that frustration throughout the game?
ELENA LIKHOVTSEVA: No, I don't think. I think yeah, I noticed, but not really. And I think she gets that up and down and she can be very good, and she had some very good shots from the baseline and from the net. But then as you said she's only 17, so maybe is it's just lack of experience.

Q. Daniel, can I ask you, for tennis in Canada, do you think this maybe puts tennis in your home country a bit more on the map?
DANIEL NESTOR: I don't think so really. To be honest with you, I've been playing doubles for like -- just doubles for like 5 years and I've had some decent results. It pretty much goes unnoticed. I think if Canada want to have more exposure in tennis it's going to have to come in singles. I had some decent singles results, but they weren't consistent enough.
Right now we have a good player in the top 100 and we have two young up and comers that are both 18 and had Grand Slam - junior Grand Slam finals last year.
So I think that you know, the future is pretty bright. As far as I'm concerned I think I'm old news.

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