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January 26, 2007

Tommy Haas


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. When someone's hot like González was tonight, is there anything you can take out of the match?
TOMMY HAAS: That's a good question. I mean, you know, I'm obviously trying to think what I could have done differently after the match like this. But, you know, it's really hard.
When I got back to the locker room, I looked at the stats that I saw on TV. You know, I knew that it was going to be somewhere close to, you know, what I saw basically is how I felt out there. He had three unforced errors the whole match and 45 winners, a very high personal of first serves. Just really, you know, pretty much everything he touched tonight seemed to go his way.
I felt at times that I didn't even play, you know, bad. I mean, I played actually pretty good tennis. Every time I tried to do something differently, he came up with the answer. That's quite frustrating after a period of time. Each set, you know, you try to start well and maybe get a momentum going. He got on top of me every single time.
I just have to hand it to him, tip the hat, say that's too good tonight. Nothing I could have done.

Q. Have you ever played somebody playing that well?
TOMMY HAAS: Uhm, maybe. I think in Davis Cup one time I played Kafelnikov where he played unbelievable, as well. Maybe a couple other matches here or there. But tonight is certainly one of them where, you know, that's great tennis.

Q. How tricky was the wind out there?
TOMMY HAAS: Not too tricky, to be honest. I mean, it's pretty much always the same. It just comes from that one side. Kind of blows in between a little bit. You have to just be patient a little bit more. But not too bad. I didn't mind it.

Q. Apart from his level of execution, how different a player did you feel he was just in terms of the way the ball came at you, the way he moved...
TOMMY HAAS: I mean, I don't think he really -- you know, we have never played before in a real match, just in a couple exhibitions. I've been following obviously his last couple matches here, the last couple of months. You know, the slice, he doesn't do much with it. But every time you seem to come in, he kind of feels or he knows - he did tonight at least - with some unbelievable shots.
You know, you start to wonder when to come in, when is the right time. My first serves didn't really come that well to put pressure on him. When he gets a chance with the forehand, I mean, he tries to dictate play, and really showed tonight that he did that well.
Really, three unforced errors, you know, you kind of hope sometimes it kind of comes off or you have a chance to, you know, try something different.
He's playing some good tennis, that's for sure.

Q. With his game, do you feel he has a realistic chance of upsetting Roger on Sunday?
TOMMY HAAS: That's obviously a tough task. If he can maintain the level he showed tonight and the last couple of matches, you know, like the stats speak for themselves. If he can make very few unforced errors, play like he did tonight, I think it would be a good match, and we'll see what happens.

Q. Did you watch Andy and Roger last night?
TOMMY HAAS: Yeah. I watched that. I mean, pretty similar for Roger last night, I think. Everything that he touched or did was, you know, unbelievable display, unbelievable to watch. Not much Andy could do.
I think he was a little bit confused at times, pretty much like I am, trying to do something different, and nothing really worked.
Should be a pretty good final.

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