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July 13, 1997

Bob Dickson


PHIL STAMBAUGH: Mr. Dickson, I believe you had your biggest check ever there. $120,000 and change. Good playing here.

BOB DICKSON: Thank you. Thanks, Phil. It was, again, it doesn't mean anything to anybody but myself, but to do it at this golf course is really something because it was kind of, you know, I redeemed myself a bit here. After three years of not doing well.

Q. Looked like from time to time the course tried to get you, though? You threw some bogeys out there.

BOB DICKSON: I did. And today I guess adrenaline - can't imagine why - but I hit several good shots over, long. And, you know, when you miscue you a shot, if you hit it fat or on the toe or heel, you kind of -- you know, you don't expect it maybe to get to the green. And I hit some real good shots that -- just too long on No. 5 and No. 11 and 12. I just -- so, I hit some good shots and I did wind up with bogeys. But, I did make some birdies. It was a good day. Shot 70. Larry Gilbert, 67?


BOB DICKSON: That's really outstanding. Really outstanding. But me, I'm all smiles. I'm going to build on this. This was good. Obviously, a good finish for me. And I'm going to take it, just like Dave said, I can use this as a building block for the upcoming tournaments.

Q. Did you hear the announcer saying you had to make that putt?

BOB DICKSON: I didn't. No, I didn't. In fact, I didn't know the status of the game until Dave had mentioned, I guess walking up on the 16th green, said, "Boy, hats off to Larry, he's really played great from day one." And until that time, I hadn't looked at the board. And I looked up there and saw he was 14. That was very impressive. But I had a makeable birdie putt there on 16, bad putt. I missed a short putt on 15 for par, but I made a lot of putts this week. I'm not complaining.

Q. Was that about a 3-footer that lipped out there?


Q. 15, yeah.

BOB DICKSON: Yeah. I don't think it was three feet. Right now, it seems -- I think it was about two of my Big 12s. (pointing to his shoes) It was under three feet, very short, uphill. On the other hand, I just birdied 14, which, for me, had been my nemesis in the past. So I birdied that one, so.....

Q. Did you think that chip at 13 was going to go? Looked like it might.

BOB DICKSON: When I first hit it, I said, "Oh, Lord, I knocked it over the green." I thought I hit it too hard. Anyway, it was a loop-di-loop type chip. Then after I thought I knocked it over initially; then's when that thing just kind of creeped over the mound, over the crest there. Sure enough, I didn't think I was going to make it. Went from the outhouse to the pin-house on that shot.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Anything else? Thank you very much.

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