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February 1, 2007

Brian Gay


Q. There you were on 9, a chance to finish your day tied for the lead with Dudley Hart. Oh, so close?
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, it was close. I had some chances coming in but didn't make any putts the last five holes or so, but played really solid.

Q. What is it about 9? We were here watching Azinger, similarly in a sense like you, a chance to close out his day on 9, and likewise a tough miss. Is 9 playing tough here?
BRIAN GAY: I mean, it's a long hole, but I hit a great drive and a great second shot, just didn't play enough break on the putt.

Q. Can you talk about how the course played overall today?
BRIAN GAY: Starting out it was fairly tough, I thought, but I got hot there the middle of the back nine and kind of got in a good rhythm.
It was cool and a little breezy but was able to hit some close and make some putts.

Q. I know it's disappointing to close out the way you did, but at the end of the day when you look at the leaderboard and see that you're only a shot behind the leader, that has to be a good feeling?
BRIAN GAY: Absolutely. I'm really happy to get off to a good start.

Q. Talk about what tomorrow brings for you.
BRIAN GAY: Hopefully it won't be too freezing in the morning and just come out and try to do the same things, put the ball in the fairway and go from there.

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