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June 21, 2001

Laura Diaz


LAURA NEAL: Okay, Laura, can we start and do your score card first.

LAURA DIAZ: I birdied the third hole. I hit a wedge in about 123, I think, to the pin. The putt was about an inch on 3. Birdied 6. I hit a 9-iron to about nine feet. Then I hit 9-iron on 7 to about four feet. I bogeyed 9 after hitting it in the rough off the tee and then hitting into the hazard. Made about a 25-footer on 10. Hit 7 into that hole. Got up-and-down on the bunker on 16 and made about a 10-footer.

Q. What was it like out there? Did the weather change out there at all? What was it like for you after it changed?

LAURA DIAZ: Just got a little more windy, and for the last few holes, it was helping us. So wasn't really a problem.

Q. At what point did the weather change on your round would you say?

LAURA DIAZ: About 15.

Q. How do you usually play here and what about this course suits your game, if anything?

LAURA DIAZ: Usually play here -- this is only my third year. I missed the cut the first year. Finished about 30th, maybe, last year. So, I play okay. I played well today. I just think the course is in really good shape. I think that allows it to suit everybody's game.

Q. Were the greens a little faster than you thought they would be?

LAURA DIAZ: No. They were about the same pace as yesterday when we played the Pro-Am. The putting green -- the practice putting green and the greens on the course, they are a little different. But once you -- the first hole, you figure that out, and they are just rolling really good. Excited to go play tomorrow.

Q. How are you playing heading into this tournament? How have you been doing lately?

LAURA DIAZ: I'm 16th on the Money List. Playing well. Having the best year that I've ever had. So pretty happy.

Q. Has anything led you to have such a good year? Did you make any changes?

LAURA DIAZ: I have a husband now. That's about it. No, I've made no changes. Just, I think, marriage has suited me well, and getting more and more experience out here. That's about it.

Q. Could you expand on that? Being married, does it give you more stability, security?

LAURA DIAZ: I just think last year, I was planning my wedding, and that's a little distracting. I have a very supportive husband, and I think that's just -- on top of a supporting family growing up, my parents have always been very supportive. To have another person there to cheer you on, it's just really helpful.

Q. Does it help you take your mind off bad rounds?

LAURA DIAZ: I don't know if anything takes your mind off a bad round. But, yeah, you have something -- I think it is similar to when a lot of the other girls have children. They go home and they have something else to look forward to. I have my husband when I'm done. So, I just think it's nice to have that extra friend, that extra companion. It's basically been a joke all year, but only some people would know that, I guess. The name change is what I've said all year long has led to my good play. So, it's kind of a joke.

Q. Does he travel with you?

LAURA DIAZ: He will starting in September. He just comes out occasionally.

Q. What does he do for a living?

LAURA DIAZ: He's a teaching pro.

Q. Where does he teach?

LAURA DIAZ: Ron Philo's School of Golf at Amelia Island Plantation with my dad.

Q. Did it take a while for people to recognize who you were because of the name change? You started the at the beginning of the year with Diaz, right?

LAURA DIAZ: I think that the media did a really good job; is has continued to do a really good job. Whenever I'm on, they say that I used to be Laura Philo, dah, dah, dah. So I don't think it's been any problem at all.

Q. Does it take a year to plan a wedding?

LAURA DIAZ: At least a year. For me, I wasn't engaged a year, so it took a lot less than a year.

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