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June 23, 2001

Laura Diaz


LAURA NEAL: Okay, Laura. Let's go your score card first.

LAURA DIAZ: Birdie on 7. I made about a 25-footer, I think. I hit a wedge into the green. I bogeyed 8. I hit it right of the green. Didn't get it up-and-down. I hit 3-iron in there. Birdied 9. Made about a 12-footer after hitting a sand wedge in. Birdied 11. Made about another -- maybe a 30-footer there, after hitting sand wedge in. Bogeyed 13. Stupid. (Laughs). I hit 4-iron into the green and wasn't on, but I putted and then I 3-putted. Birdied 14 after hitting it aboout three feet with a 5-iron. Then about five feet on 15 with an 8-iron. Got it up-and-down on 16. Hit a little 6 into 17 and made about a 10-footer.

Q. What happened that all of the sudden, four straight birdies -- did it feel comfortable, finally, your swing or whatever?

LAURA DIAZ: I wasn't really hitting it close to the hole most of the day. I was making some good two putts, and right in that stretch there, I seemed to hit it close and was able to capitalize on the birdies.

Q. Did you have problems deciding which clubs you wanted to hit it?

LAURA DIAZ: I think it felt like the wind was a little stronger on the front side than it was on the back for us. But it was definitely different than it has been the last two days.

Q. You've got to feel pretty happy because a lot of the other people up top really didn't gain ground on Karrie, but you and Marie did. Does that make you feel really good heading into tomorrow?

LAURA DIAZ: It makes me feel good that I shot 66. I really enjoy making a lot of birdies. So that's good. As far as, you know, making up ground, it's really -- I mean, there's still 18 holes to play. Maybe we're closer to what Karrie is than anybody else, but there's still a lot of golf.

Q. You were seven strokes back when you started today and now you are make two or three strokes depending on what Karrie does to finish out. Are you surprised you were able to make up as much on a day like today?

LAURA DIAZ: I guess I don't really look at it as making up ground. You know, I went out and played and made a lot of birdies and got to where I'm at. I mean, it was a good day to play well because it was tough conditions. But that's about it.

Q. Do you play with Karrie tomorrow? Have you ever played with Karrie before?


Q. Where was that?

LAURA DIAZ: Nashville. I played with her my rookie year. I don't know if I've played with her since, but that's one of the times.

Q. Would that be kind of daunting to play in the last group on the final round of a major?

LAURA DIAZ: I don't think so.

Q. Will that be tough to keep your concentration, playing with the No. 1 player in the world?

LAURA DIAZ: No. You know, would I say that I'm pretty good friends with Karrie, so it would be just like playing with Maria. I mean, I'm not as good of friends with either of them as I am with, say, Heather Bowie or Ashli Bunch, but friendly enough that it's not uncomfortable or not abnormal or anything. I think it's more fun than it would be anything else.

Q. Do you feel really good about your game this season, this year?

LAURA DIAZ: Yeah, I feel pretty good about it.

Q. What's been the difference?

LAURA DIAZ: Just experience, I think.

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