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June 24, 2001

Laura Diaz


DEBBIE EARECKSON: Laura, could you tell us just about your round out there today generally.

LAURA DIAZ: Started a little slow, but then I got in a good groove on 9, 10,11 and 12. Made some putts. It was fun. A little disappointed that I missed the putt on the last hole, but overall, a good week and I'm ready to go home and take a break.

Q. Did you have a target score in mind when you started?

LAURA DIAZ: No. Sorry.

Q. Could you just talk a little bit about the feeling of not only making some putts, but hitting it pretty stiff of that stretch of 9 through 12; did you feel a certain surge of momentum and was there any point from, say 13 through 17 where you felt any of it leave you?

LAURA DIAZ: No. You know, I guess I felt in a groove starting with 9. You know, I kept giving it chances after I -- I guess, 13, starting with 13. The biggest umph I felt was on 17 when I made that putt, and that was just an overwhelming feeling, and it was awesome. I didn't know where Karrie stood, but just to be able to make that putt was really big for me.

Q. Was there a thought of wherever she was that, "I've still got a chance; is it ain't over yet"?

LAURA DIAZ: I can't-- I can only control my game. I can't control anybody else's. There's no point in my having a target score because then I can limit myself in some way. I'm going-- I can only go out and try to make 18 birdies. That's what I tried to do, and didn't, but shot 69, and I'll take that.

Q. How soon after you made your putt did you realize that Karrie made her putt on 16?

LAURA DIAZ: I had no idea. Was not paying attention to the leaderboard.

Q. I've lost track this week, Laura; are you a board watcher?


Q. Did you look at one today at all?

LAURA DIAZ: Well, you know, there's some that are very large that you can't help but see, but didn't stare at it to study it or anything.

Q. The front nine, her lead was up to five or six at some point. Did you happen to notice that?


Q. How many greens did you hit today?

LAURA DIAZ: I have no idea. Literally, no idea.

Q. Did you have any trouble?

LAURA DIAZ: Well, I had trouble on 18. I had a 3-putt and I hit it in -- I hit it in the bunker on 2. I hit it in two bunkers and 3-putted. That was about it.

Q. You talked about the disappointment of taking bogey at the last. Is there a sense of feel-good in the overall way you played? Can you take that away this soon? Are you happy with yourself this week?

LAURA DIAZ: I don't think it's really sunk in yet. There's a lot of good things that come from a second. You know, off the top of my head, I can tell you Solheim. I know that's going to help with points and stuff. Yeah, I'm happy with the week, but I'm still aching for that first win.

Q. First time in contention in a major; I would think you -- you played extremely well. Do you take anything away on that end or should we call next week?

LAURA DIAZ: I think from my perspective, it's another second and in a way, that's just continuing to fall short. So, that's about it with that.

Q. Duval went through a stretch like this -- I guess '95 through '97, and a majority of it, didn't play poorly, necessary on the last day; is just someone else shot better, and it seemed like he kept his patience in check pretty well during that stretch. Is that something that you can relate to or is that something you've ever talked to him about?

LAURA DIAZ: David and I haven't ever really talked about his seconds. We only talk about his firsts. There's a lot of great players who had a lot of seconds before they had a lot of firsts. Lorie Kane comes to mind right now. It's not a bad thing. I played as well as I could play. I mean, I couldn't do anymore. So from that perspective, I think I'm making progress, but unfortunately, I made a bogey I on the last hole.

Q. What are your impressions of Karrie Webb?

LAURA DIAZ: Awesome. That sums it up right there.

Q. Was the drive on 18 a push or a fade?

LAURA DIAZ: I think it was just a nerve. (Laughs). I think I just got a little nervous, I think. I had hit 3-wood two days in a row and we weren't really sure whether it was driver or 3-wood; is it was into the wind. I think that's basically all that was. A little bit of a poor swing, but, you know, I mean, I think that's going to happen.

Q. What did you hit in, second shot?

LAURA DIAZ: I hit 6-iron. I'm not really sure if I pulled it or the rough caught the face and turned it over. And, you know, again that's not a problem because, you know, I hit a good bunker shot, but missing the putt, I guess, is what's going to stick with me for a little bit, but hopefully for only a little bit.

Q. Did you feel comfortable today in the hunt in, say, Sacramento or earlier occasions?

LAURA DIAZ: Yeah, I guess. I didn't really know in Sacramento that I was in the hunt. I didn't know until I got to 17 that I had a chance there. Again, I didn't know here that I had a chance until Laura said something to me on 16 that -- you know, "Make some birdies coming home. Make it exciting." I'm getting more comfortable at playing better, I think is the best way to sum it up.

Q. Is it a little bit easier to remain kind of laid back when the margin is three and you know there's not great expectations or anything; is just to go out and play your own game?

LAURA DIAZ: No. Because I don't know what the margin ever is, so it doesn't really make a difference to me if it's three, if it's one, if it's ten. I'm still just going to go out and play own golf game, no matter how big the lead is from second to first. Because until all the score cards are in, I mean, it's anybody's ball game. I mean, somebody could have made a hole-in-one on 17 and changed it all around. So I don't really think it would have make a difference or makes a difference, for me. Other players watch the scoreboard a lot, so it makes a difference for them. I don't. I'm just trying to make birdies and play my own game.

Q. Were you nervous on 18 on the putt even though you had a four-shot cushion for second?

LAURA DIAZ: Well, I had no idea about second. I didn't know what third was. I didn't know that. But I think -- I mean, I know I was nervous. I think I was a little shaky. I think that's just going to --

Q. Would you have like to have known there was a four-shot cushion for second?

LAURA DIAZ: No. I think I'm glad I didn't know. I could have 3-putted or something from that distance, I guess. I don't know, again, if I would like to know where I stood with Karrie. But I don't think I would because I was already nervous and I didn't even -- you know I was just trying to make par. So I don't think if I had known that there was, whatever, two shots or whatever she had done on 17 that it would have calmed my nerves or made me more nervous.

Q. How long was the putt?

LAURA DIAZ: Six feet.

Q. Have you talked to anyone -- I know you're close with Dottie, have you talked to them about how you overcome this? Have you gotten any advice from anyone?

LAURA DIAZ: I talk with my dad and my husband and my brother about it. You know, today was really the most composed I think I've ever felt. I didn't get remotely nervous until the last hole. I don't know if it's nerves or excitement. I think everybody has that, and I think that's just experience. Learning how to deal with them, playing with them.

Q. You and Laura seemed very friendly and relaxed together. Did that help relax you and take away any nerves that might have been there?

LAURA DIAZ: Yeah, it's always helpful to play with somebody you like a lot and you're friends with. I know Laura pretty well and she's a great playing partner. It was definitely a very enjoyable day today. Yeah, that helps if you're playing with somebody who is like stepping in your line or something. That wouldn't be good.

Q. Is this the biggest check for you, Laura?

LAURA DIAZ: I have no idea. Is it the biggest check for me, Alex? Yeah, I think so.

DEBBIE EARECKSON: Let's go over score card for the transcript. Just the bogeys and birdies.

LAURA DIAZ: Okay. Bogeyed the second hole. I hit in the bunker, 8-iron, and I didn't make my putt. I birdied the third hole. I hit a wedge into about six feet. I 3-putted on the fourth hole from about 30 feet. I made birdie on 9 . It was about an 8-footer after hitting sand wedge in. Made birdie on 10 after making a 15, 20-footer after hitting sand wedge in. Birdied 11 from ten feet after hitting sand wedge in. Birdied 12 with a wedge in my hand to about 12 feet. Birdied 17 from off the green, making about a 25-footer. I hit 8-iron into it. I bogeyed 18 because I didn't get it up-and-down out of the bunker.

Q. What was the length of your putt on No. 2 the bogey?

LAURA DIAZ: Oh, gosh, it was very long. It was like 30 feet. I didn't have a good lie in the bunker, and I was happy to get it out. I gave it a chance but didn't make it.

DEBBIE EARECKSON: Congratulations on your finish. Thank you.

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