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January 20, 2007

Nikolay Davydenko


THE MODERATOR: Questions in English?

Q. Fabrice is a difficult opponent. He does things a lot differently than most on the tour. Is he a difficult man to play?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: Yes, once I already play two times against him I forget like in Moscow. But Fabrice play not so fast for me, for my side. I get control. I have time to get, you know, his point. Just concentration in the game. Just he both just maybe top spin.
For some guys, like what he did, like we slice or low, it's pretty tough. But for me, like to the forehand I have no problem. That's what's for me easy to get control to the forehand cross and make some long line and play already.
Yeah, Santoro, he was -- I was surprising today. He was play well. Like he was play fast already. Like serve fast and from the backhand was cross very fast top spin. It was good for him. That's what's I think he won two rounds here.

Q. To the Davis Cup --
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: I don't play Davis Cup. No questions about Davis Cup. If I play I give you, but I don't go there. Just in Chile I don't know what's happened there.

Q. We're from Chile and we need to know why you don't go.
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: I don't know. Just because I don't go, okay.

Q. Russia need all his player to win Chile. Russia need Nikolay Davydenko. What is your opinion?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: I don't know. Just I think Marat can win also without me against Chile. I think he get time to prepare for clay court and they have good players there and I think we have also good chance to win in Chile Davis Cup for first round.

Q. But you no play?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: I don't go, no.

Q. Last year on the Shanghai Masters Cup you talk about how close sponsorship with the Chinese brand. Now you're wearing Prince again. Does that mean you down with Chinese brand?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: At the moment, no, just here. No, because -- no, this year I get really contract from this year, starting contract, but not with Chinese. No, it's not a company. But not yet. It's starting promotion later.

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