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January 20, 2007

Martina Hingis


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Approaching the second week, how do you rate that win?
MARTINA HINGIS: Well, it's always a great feeling to be in the second week of a Grand Slam. That's what you come here for. Being seeded sixth, that's what you expect at least. I'm happy I was able to at least fulfill my commitment so far.

Q. What pleased you most about that win?

Q. Yes.
MARTINA HINGIS: Well, I think I played pretty well, especially the last three, four games. It was just in the beginning I didn't know exactly what she's going to play. I mean, you obviously know the stats and how Japanese players more or less play.
It was just a very strange feeling to be out there today. I guess it was very hot for the people, for the fans as well. The atmosphere was a little different from usual excitement, what you expect here. I think I played some pretty good points also up at the net, tried to mix it up, did my job well.

Q. Does a different atmosphere make it difficult to concentrate?
MARTINA HINGIS: Well, it was the energy. The energy you had to keep going, keep motivating yourself. I think today there were a few errors, a lot of unforced errors. I think the crowd sometimes didn't really have that much to clap for.
You know, it was more like they expected me to win easily or just like go there and win every single point because there was like no reason to miss for me. That's how I felt, that kind of pressure. Okay, if I do everything right, I'm going to win every single point.
I mean, she's a little feisty player. Every time I needed it, I came up with just no missing and tried to do a little bit more extra.

Q. Is it more comfortable for you to play this year as a seeded player doing just your job, comparing with last year, each match you were playing was a huge event?
MARTINA HINGIS: Yeah, after the match against Zvonareva, I played a little different playing Nathalie this time because she was a former quarter and semifinalist here. She feels very comfortable playing here in Australia. I knew it's not going to be easy, although this time around I was a seeded player but had a difficult draw.
I just had to go out there every match. Even like the second round against Kudryavtseva, sometimes it's like really hard to play against a youngster who has nothing to lose and just can go out there and just play freely.

Q. Where do you think the improvements in your game have come from since the first week of the circuit?
MARTINA HINGIS: I think today particularly what I did well was serving. I mean, I served pretty well. I think a high first-serve percentage. I don't know what the stats are. Maybe I'll have a look at it.

Q. 83%.
MARTINA HINGIS: That's pretty good. I think that's what I have to continue to do against players, like if I play Na Li or Safina. I felt pretty good out there today. Good placement, pretty high percentage of first serves.
You could see that in Mauresmo's match the other day. Not a killer serve, but well-placed and start off the points well.

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