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September 15, 2002

Billy Andrade


TODD BUDNICK: We welcome Bill Andrade, 13-under par. Runner-up by one, Billy, tough day out there today. Why don't you walk us through it.

BILLY ANDRADE: Actually, it really wasn't that tough a day. I thought, you know, with everyone playing the ball in hand makes it a little easier and you know, I got off to a hell of a start shooting 4 under on the front and was totally in control and really didn't miss a shot and then on the 10th tee things that happened -- the reasons why maybe you win tournaments and lose tournaments, so we got to the 10th tee and that rainstorm came in and it was hollowing left-to-right and it was a hard ass tee shot and I had to hit and everybody is pulling their umbrellas up and, you know, I blocked it way right in the 18th fairway and I hadn't come close to missing a shot up to that point, you know, I just think the rain and everything, about, you know, I wasn't in sync there. And I still had a shot to the green.

I had to hit a hook with an 8-iron and just didn't hook it enough and caught an incredibly bad break, hit the tree, dead right, I was lucky it didn't go into a hazard in front of the 18th tee. I was way the hell to the right over there and make double. And then, you know, totally going gangbusters to make double. Now you have to regroup. And I thought I regrouped very well. I hit a good tee shot on 11 and almost birdied 12 and I had a beautiful wedge into 13. Almost birdied 14, and then you got to hit. There is a couple drives out here you have to hit. You have to hit the 10th obviously. You have to hit 15th fairway and 18th fairway. I didn't do that. I missed the 15th fairway. I laid up and I just saw Jeff, my playing partner, suck his back off in front of the green. I didn't want to do that, so what I tried to do, I had the same yardage that I had yesterday and I hit a little easy wedge and it was the wrong club. I hit it over the green, over every green here is death. And I made bogey there which wasn't good, but I had a chance at 17 for birdie and didn't get that to go and the last hole you have to hit the fairway and I didn't. And I hit a heck of a 4-iron to get it to where I got it. And I thought I made a putt. You know it was kind of a screwy looking putt. It's downhill. You think it's going to be fast and right near the hole, I think it kind of goes back uphill on that angle so -- and I left it deadend short which sucks. To make a long story short, it sucks to finish second.

But I'm very happy for Dan Forsman who is a good friend, a wonderful person, I'm excited for him because I know it's been a long time since he has won a golf tournament and to suck it up with an eagle on the last hole like he did, you know, that is storybook stuff. I'm very happy for him and for his family. That's a neat victory for him.

Q. Billy, did you hear anything on the 18th green as you were on 18 or walking up the fairway?

BILLY ANDRADE: I saw him dancing the green so I obviously knew -- I was hoping -- that was a hell of a birdie that he made, and I asked Billy from ESPN and he said 3. So I knew what I had to do from there. And when you have a hole like 18, those things happen. Someone might make an eagle. A birdie is definite if you hit it in the fairway. And when you don't hit it in the fairway there, you know, I think it's a tough birdie to make if you are laying up.

Q. Billy, was it any tougher at all to be winning through three rounds and winning late in the tournament or lose it or doesn't it really matter? Does it feel worse because you were winning all throughout this whole tournament?

BILLY ANDRADE: Not really. You know, I mean, we all get to talk after each round; which is neat, you know, but -- you guys write a story, it's thrown into the media, but it really doesn't matter until it is all over -- until you get a winner. If you are 2 back everyday and you lose by one or if you are Robert Allenby - he is feeling a little better than I am. But you want to win. And if you don't win, to me second or beyond doesn't matter at this point in my life. I want to win golf tournaments, and I had a golden opportunity that I let slip away. I have done it before and I will probably do it.

Q. You have been playing so well the last couple three weeks. Are you going to continue to play next week?


Q. Are you just at the point that you know you are ready to win?

BILLY ANDRADE: Well, I hope so. I thought I did a lot of great things this week. All facets of my game were good. Even on the back nine I shot 2 over coming in which doesn't look good, but I did a lot of good things coming in, I obviously didn't finish it off, but I'm going to continue. I'm going to play next week and take the week of the Ryder Cup off so I'm going to go down to Tampa next week and see if can I get it going down there.

Q. On the 10th --

BILLY ANDRADE: I was way right. I was over in the middle of the 18th tee area. If you just walk down the tee and you hopped over that little hazard, that's where my ball ended up. It was a pretty bad break. The ball was to the left side of it. It was drawing -- here are the trees and here is the green. It was drawing where it was not going to hit the green. It was going to miss the green on the right. But if it didn't hit the trees, it would have been a fairly easy up and down. Or I would have definitely made 5. But I mean, it hit the tree and it kicked, you know, 40 yards right which I couldn't believe, you know, from the angle, the way it was coming in. You know I just caught a bad break at the wrong time there, but you know that's golf. I should have been over in that fairway trying that shot.

Q. Billy you mentioned Dan Forsman, can you imagine what it would be like to go 10 years without winning and still being out here and try to competed?

BILLY ANDRADE: I went 7 and that was pretty long enough for me. That's what is really neat, a guy that, you know, you -- is he mid-40s.


BILLY ANDRADE: 44 years old and competing against these kids coming out of the college and come out here and win this tournament, that's pretty neat stuff. Like I said, he is a class act, a great guy, a good friend and I'm really happy for him, you know. There is nothing like winning.

Q. Had he entered your mind as you were looking around, sort of protecting your lead against --

BILLY ANDRADE: He didn't enter my mind until the 17th green when I looked over and saw I was tied with Allenby at 13, and he was 12 with John Huston, maybe. I don't know. So I knew he had 18 to play, and I knew if I could birdie 17 that, you know, I figured if I birdied 17 and -- pardon 18 I probably would win. I thought 14 would win. You know. He did the amazing. One better.

Q. Billy would you be disappointed if this tournament never came back to this venue?

BILLY ANDRADE: I Would be disappointed. I'm disappointed we're not coming back. I love it here. I think the crowds were great. I think everybody was into it here.

Q. (Inaudible)

BILLY ANDRADE: That would be disappoint to me. I got family in this area, so you know I like it here. This is a lot like home to me. I think it's -- I don't know, I just think it's important to stay in near cities instead of going in the middle of nowhere, you know. I don't know what is going on with this tournament, but there is a lot of speculation of all of these different things.

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