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January 20, 2007

Fernando Gonzalez


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. One of the best two sets you've played?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: I think so. Jim Courier told me that 33 winners and two unforced errors, I couldn't believe it. I mean, I was doing whatever I want in the first two sets.
After Lleyton was bringing a lot of balls, maybe I miss one or two. My serve went down a little bit in one game, but that was all. He was giving a good fight.

Q. Did you feel in that form that you could beat anyone?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: Yeah. I mean, if I play like the two first sets, of course I can beat anyone. But you have to keep it for best-of-five. Sometimes you get tired. But I'm working to try to hold that level.

Q. Did Lleyton make you nervous at all when he came back and took that third set?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: Yeah, he's a good fighter. I mean, you have to win until the last point. You never know what's going to happen with Lleyton because maybe he miss a few balls that he don't used to miss it in the first two sets.
But after that he was bringing balls, bringing balls, fighting. He's a good runner. Maybe you have to hit one or two more all the time. After five sets, is many shots that you can miss.

Q. Can you explain your interaction with the umpire after the Hawk-Eye decision.
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: No, because I was 15-Love, and then the lineman called out. He did an overrule, but I didn't hear it. So I think that I was 30-Love. I was 15-All. Then I was breakpoint and I didn't know it. I thought that it was 40-30. I didn't hear when he did an overrule. Otherwise I can challenge that call. He's overrule, and I didn't hear anything.

Q. How far do you think you can go in this tournament?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: I have a tough next round. James been playing really good. He get to the final in the Masters and won last week. He won straight sets, I think three matches in a row. I'm playing good. We're tight. 3-All with James. I won last three times. But every match much different, especially in a Grand Slam.

Q. How did Lleyton compare tonight to other times when you've played him?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: I mean, Lleyton is a great fighter. He's one of the strongest mental player on tour. But today maybe he miss, I don't know, maybe 10 or 15 shots in the first set that he never missed before. That's the only difference. Because maybe he didn't play for a few months.

Q. Do you think players on tour now see him as more vulnerable because he hasn't played a lot?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: Maybe. But we know he can be in the top if he wants, if he plays more. I don't know what he wants. But of course he have to keep playing and he's going to be up there again.

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