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September 20, 2001

Laura Diaz


Q. Laura, the other two leaders told us that they drove cross country from Portland to get here. How did you get to this tournament?

LAURA DIAZ: Who did that?

Q. Marianne Morris and Vickie Odegard.

LAURA DIAZ: Oh. On Friday night I flew out of Portland, well, Friday afternoon I flew out of Portland home to Jacksonville on Delta. And I came up here on Sunday. Well I actually came to Atlanta on Sunday and then up here on Monday.

Q. Does that just seem a little crazy driving? They drove like 42 hours in a car.

LAURA DIAZ: Right. I had thought about doing it myself. But I figured we were probably pretty safe coming from Portland to Atlanta. If we had been going the opposite direction I might have had a few worries. By no means was I happy getting on the plane, but I didn't want to make a four day trip either.

Q. It wasn't a charter, was it?

LAURA DIAZ: No, I did not take the charter. I flew on Delta.

Q. How did you feel about your round today and the way the course was playing?

LAURA DIAZ: Felt pretty good about my round today. Went out with no expectations and finished with a 67. So pretty happy with that. The course was playing good and I'm ready for the next three days.

Q. Are you surprised how low some of the scores are, because yesterday some of the final tournament prediction were like 7- or 8-under. Are you surprised by how low some of the scores are today?

LAURA DIAZ: No, not really. We have a tendency to take it low out here. So I'm never surprised when I see low numbers on the board.

Q. Play seemed kind of slow today. Can you talk about that and as far as was stamina or endurance kind of a factor today because of the hills on the course?

LAURA DIAZ: Play seemed slow? Is that what you said?

Q. Yes.

LAURA DIAZ: No, I don't agree. This is the pace we play at every week. So it wasn't really a factor. In fact, I didn't really notice it much at all. So I thought pace was okay. I might complaint normally, but I really won't today. And I think it's also okay out there. I don't think anyone minds as much because that gives us a little more time to get to our ball and breathe.

Q. Yesterday during some interviews I guess we had Annika and Karrie Webb in here talking and they were each asked to name somebody who they thought we should be watching out for. And they both named you. You were the first one that they named as somebody to watch. How do you feel about that and that you're getting recognized by, I guess, all your competitors at the very top of the group here. How do you feel about that?

LAURA DIAZ: Well, honored definitely. Those are the two top players in the world. Honored to have been even brought up in that subject area. That's great. I still have to go out there and win. So I'm glad that I'm playing well and I appreciate the support of my peers. That's great.

Q. Go through your card.

LAURA DIAZ: I started on 10. I can't remember my first birdie. So we're going to go on the front nine first. Is that okay? The 7th hole I hit 8-iron to three feet. It was playing about 143. The 8th hole I hit 8-iron to about three feet. That was 135. 13 I cannot remember for the life of me. Nine I didn't birdie. Give me a second on 13. 16 I hit sand wedge to about 12 feet. From like 50 yards out. 17 I hit 7-iron to about 10 feet. I had 147 to the pin. 13? Anybody know what the 13th hole is? I cannot remember that first birdie that I made. It's a par-5 and then, 12 is a par-5 and then 13. I can see the hole after it. Oh, yes. Yes. I hit 7-iron, I had 147 to the pin and -- no, no, I had more than that to the pin. I had 157 to the pin. 7-iron. Hit that to about five feet. It took me awhile but I got it.

Q. A lot of people will talk about their goals in the game. What are yours? Is yours to be competitive with Karrie and Annika and be at that level or is it unsafe to look that far ahead right now?

LAURA DIAZ: I think in golf it's totally different. I don't think any of us really look to be up with Karrie and Annika. I don't think that's a goal. Every week we go out and we try and beat the golf course. It's such an individual sport that my goals are totally individual. I want to win golf tournaments and I would love to be in the Hall of Fame. That's my main goal. So I just really am looking forward to that first win and getting started on my way into achieving the goal of Hall of Fame.

Q. Would it be any special getting your first win at a first year tournament or are you just looking for a win period?

LAURA DIAZ: I got to tell you, any tournament, any place in the world. I think that there would be a specialness to this week because my in-laws live in McCormick and I've got a lot of their friends and family out following. So that would make it special. But I got to tell you that whenever it comes, it's going to be pretty special to me.

Q. You sort of stole my next question. You probably had one of the larger galleries with the T-shirts and everything and you mention McCormick. Explain that. What is that like knowing that they're here for you and it's one of the larger galleries?

LAURA DIAZ: Back to that last question, the other part that would make it really special here is that my husband is caddying for me. And that's a one or two time a year kind of thing. So those things all combined would make it special. McCormick. I've been there twice now and my in-laws have only lived there a year, so they have a lot of friends. In a year they got a lot of friends. And they happened to see the T-shirts on TV and they wanted to be part of Laura's Legions, so somehow there'll be 60 of Laura's Legions out here at some point this week. So that's great. McCormick is a really small place, I guess. And they live in Savannah Lakes and that's really where every one comes from.

Q. There's been so much this year talked about by the American players trying to catch up with some of the foreign-born players. This week in particular right now we got three Americans on top of the leaderboard. Does it feel like, would it feel any more special for an American to win this tournament this week in light of everything that's happened here?

LAURA DIAZ: I don't think so because every single player on this Tour has been affected by what happened in New York City and at the Pentagon. I mean everyone's been affected by the tragedy. So I think whoever wins by all means it will definitely be dedicated to all those people who have lost their lives and who are suffering from losing their loved ones. Thanks.

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