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January 16, 2007

Samantha Stosur


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How difficult was it, Sam, hanging around today, waiting for this match to happen?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Uhm, yeah, I guess it was a little bit difficult. For a long time we just went half hour by half hour not really knowing what was going to happen.
I guess in the back of our heads we all kind of knew it wasn't going to be till later in the afternoon. I was a little surprised it wasn't until 8:30 or whatever it was that we got on.
It's just another thing you have to deal with.

Q. What did you do to keep yourself ready for the match?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Sat in the media cafe, sat in the player cafe, sat in the locker room, went to the physio. I don't know, just kind of roamed around. I don't know, just kind of boring. It's just something you have to do.

Q. The fans that turned up to your match are fairly patient as well to stick around.
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, I think they stayed occupied in the Heineken bar all day (smiling). They were pretty loud.
No, it was good they were all able to stay around, stay out there, support me. It made it, I don't know, a little easier to go out there and play.

Q. When you did get out there, it was fairly routine. Were you fairly happy with how you went?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah. It was kind of a tricky match. At the start, I felt kind of a little all over the place. It was kind of a weird feeling. Got 3-1 down. Tried to settle down. Hit a few more balls in.
I knew with the way she played she was going to hit some winners and then hit a whole bunch of errors. That's kind of what happened.
After I got back into it, I started to feel a lot more comfortable.

Q. Was that nerves, losing that early break, going 3-1 down?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, maybe it was a little bit of nerves. I don't know. Just kind of felt weird. I don't really know how to explain it. I think it was just having the long day waiting around.

Q. Do you feel a little less pressure that Molik is back as an Aussie representative?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: No, not really. I don't know. I don't really feel the pressure too much. I think whatever I put on myself is probably what I feel the most.
I mean, there's no doubt it's great to have her back here. She's playing well again. Hopefully she can go a lot further in the tournament again.
I don't know, I guess it is good to have her back. There's a few of us still left out here, as well.

Q. What do you know of your second-round opponent?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Kostanic, right?

Q. Yes.
SAMANTHA STOSUR: I know she's left-handed. I think we played each other a couple years ago at the Medibank in Sydney. I think I won that one. I don't know, maybe have to look back at my record books. I think Nicole went out to watch a little bit of it, as well. Have a little talk to her tomorrow.

Q. You pulled up from the game okay? No problems physically at all?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: No, not at all. Feel great.

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