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May 23, 2002

Laura Diaz


MODERATOR: Can we do your score card.

LAURA DIAZ: Sure. Started on the backside.

No. 2, I hit 3-iron into the green, so on in two. I had about a 30-footer for eagle. Knocked it about six feet by, made the 6-footer coming back.

On 4 I had 94 yards to the green. Hit sand wedge to about 15 feet.

On 5 I hit 5-iron into the green from 171 yards. Had probably about a 40-footer for eagle. Knocked it up to about a foot.

On 8 I hit sand wedge from 80 yards to about six feet.

On 12 I hit sand wedge just short of the green, so chipped it, I don't know, maybe 30 feet. I hit that to about three feet.

15 I made bogey after 3-putting. I hit a little wedge into the green, 116 yards, 3-putted from about 25, probably 30 feet.

17 is what hole? 17, I hit sand wedge to about -- was it sand wedge? No, wait a second. What did I have in that hole? Hit pitching sand wedge from 115 yards to about six feet.

And 18, hit a little 8 from 140 yards to about 10 feet.

MODERATOR: Maybe just some general comments on your round. Pretty pleased?

LAURA DIAZ: Yeah. Seemed to hit it pretty close today. That's always helpful when you want to make a lot of birdies. I was disappointed with the 3-putt on 15, but I luckily was able to recover.

I felt like everything was kind of in slow motion out there today. I said that to my caddie. He said, "Yeah, it kind of feels like we're in water going really, really slow." But then I birdied 17 and 18, kind of got on a swing. I ended up with a lot of birdies and no more bogeys. So it was a pretty good day.

Q. This is obviously a position you are fairly familiar with, being on top of the leaderboard, whereas some of the other competitors who are there right now, something new to them. Before you crept up on the leaderboard, nobody else on there was in the Top 50 money winners this year.

Q. Do you think psychologically that gives you any advantage knowing that you know you can win, you've been there, you've finished in the Top 10 on several occasions, kind of unchartered territory for other players? Does that give you an edge when you go out there tomorrow?

LAURA DIAZ: There's 54 holes left in the golf tournament. The leaderboard is going to change a lot from now till Sunday.

I think after anyone wins, you have added confidence. I know that's what's happened to me. But, you know, there's still so many golf holes to be played, you know, and a lot of birdies to be made. I think the next three days, all the players who are on the board, whether or not they've been in contention or not, they're still all going to go out with the same purpose and trying to make as many birdies as possible, as well as people who might not be on the leaderboard yet, I'm sure they'll creep their way up there.

Q. Some of the players who played later in the day, like yourself, were commenting on how the condition of the course got more difficult as the day went on. That didn't seem to be a problem for you. Did you find the course to be in fairly good shape? Did it conform to your style of play when you went out there today?

LAURA DIAZ: I think the course is in great shape. I think we got really lucky with the weather, so I think that's the most important part today. I think it was nice to be able to play in shorts and sleeveless shirts instead of bundled up in rain gear, freezing cold, using hand-warmers to keep our hands warm. I think that was the main thing of today, being able to just go out and swing at it.

I was glad to have an afternoon tee time today. Because of the weather that has been in the last few days, I wanted to be able to be in the heat as much as possible.

Q. You mentioned everything going in slow motion out there. Is that a good thing?

LAURA DIAZ: I don't know. I felt really weird actually. (My caddie) and I talked about it. He felt the same way. I don't know if it was just because I hadn't really got anything going. But I said to him, "The telecast isn't very exciting," because they were following us. "Telecast is probably not very exciting here today."

He goes, "I bet you'll make it exciting." Then I birdied 17 and 18. He said, "See, told you so." Added a little spice there coming down my 8th and 9th hole.

Hopefully it's a good thing, I guess, because the day ended well. But it's not really a good feeling out there, knowing that you're not getting anything started.

Q. You had a few friends and family that made the trip.

LAURA DIAZ: Yeah, my father runs a golf school in Cooperstown, New York, in the summertime. My father and mother are here today. My sister, as well, joined us. And my husband is here. We'll have a few more people out tomorrow. My parents will not be here, but some friends from Scotia will be coming out tomorrow and throughout the weekend.

It's nice to be able to see my parents out because that doesn't happen very much. Same with my sister. She doesn't get a chance to really get out here that much. Then, you know, on the weekend, to have friends that you haven't seen in six months or so, it's just a nice feeling to know there's people in the crowd that are cheering for you and excited when you make a birdie.

Q. You mentioned wanting to kick it into gear. Do you feel like maybe you can play better than you did today?

LAURA DIAZ: I'm very pleased with the round I put together today (laughter).

You know, I think as a player you always want to go as low as you can. I've only shot 65 once, so I think that it's always kind of a battle out there to get lower, you know, to shoot that 64, 63. I don't go out with a number in mind, but I try and make 18 birdies.

I'll just keep trying to do that for the next three days.

Q. You said you wanted to feel the heat. Would you have preferred to play in the morning? You're the only golfer challenging for the lead that started in the afternoon.

LAURA DIAZ: No. I like the tee time today. Normally I do prefer to be early/late. Kind of gives you a little more recovery time. Because of the weather, I really wanted to play in the afternoon. I was pleased with my tee time.

I feel more comfortable when I can swing, you know, without a lot of layers on. I'll take the tee time I had and run with it tomorrow, as well.

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